Cat from Hell
Story Line

It is the story of Drogan, a elderly man who uses a wheelchair, who hires a , Halston, for one of the strangest jobs of his career: a black , which Drogan believes is murderously evil. Drogan explains that there were other occupants of his before the cat : his , Amanda, her Carolyn, and the family's butler, Richard Gage. The cat was adopted by Carolyn and Amanda, who ignore 's claim that he can sense that the cat is . Drogan claims that one by one, the cat killed the other three: first it tripped , causing her to down a flight of stairs; then it clamped on to 's face until she suffocated; and finally, after managed to capture the beast and tried to take it to the vet to put it down, it scratched his , causing to get into a fatal crash.
Drogan believes that he is being punished his pharmaceutical killed 5,000 cats while testing a new , Tri-Dormal-G. Halston doesn't believe the , but is more than willing to eliminate the since Drogan is offering $,000. Halston soon discovers that the cat is extremely difficult to after he tries to kill it several . Eventually kills the hitman, forcing itself down his throat and into his stomach. Drogan returns and finds the 's body; the cat climbs out of the dead 's mouth and jumps at , which causes him to have a fatal attack.

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