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Speech Skills Acquisition True Story 14 (Reading and Reproduction)

LOUISE Stamberg likes to save money. But she doesn't like banks. So she doesn't put her money in banks. She hides it in her house. She puts her money in cans. Then she puts the cans above the ceiling in her kitchen.
Louise writes "Olga" on some cans of money. Olga is Louise's niece. "This money is for Olga," Louise thinks. Louise doesn't tell Olga about the money. She doesn't tell anyone about the money.
When she is an old woman, Louise Stamberg dies. Then her niece Olga moves into Louise's house. Olga lives in the house for many years. Then she sells the house to Brian Williams.
Mr. Williams wants to remodel the kitchen. He hires a carpenter to do the work. The carpenter is fixing the ceiling when he finds 12 cans. He opens the cans, and what does he find? He finds money—a lot of money. He finds $150,000.
"It's my money!" the carpenter says. "I found it!"
"No, it's not your money," Mr. Williams says. "This is my house, so it's my money."
"No, it's not your money," Olga says. "The name 'Olga' is on some of the cans. I am Olga, so it's my money."
A judge must decide: Whose money is it? Is it the carpenter's money? Is it Mr. Williams' money? Or is it Olga's money? What does the judge decide? What do you think?

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