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Speech Skills Acquisition True Story 13 (Reading and Reproduction)

JOE Thompson is 18 years old, and he drives a small Jeep. Joe loves to drive his car. Sometimes he wears his seat belt. Sometimes he doesn't.
One day Joe is driving his Jeep. He is not wearing his seat belt. Suddenly another car turns in front of him. Joe hits the other car. Joe's Jeep rolls over once, twice, three times, four times. The fourth time the Jeep rolls over, the top comes off. Joe goes up into the air. He goes up high.
There are some wires above the street. One wire catches Joe's foot. He grabs another wire with his hand. Now Joe is hanging high above the street. He is holding onto the wires. Joe is lucky. These wires are not for electricity; they are for telephones.
Joe has a cell phone in his pocket. He calls 911. Then he calls his father. "I had an accident," he tells his father. "I'm hanging from some wires high above the street." "Hold on, Joe," his father says. "Hold on."
Twenty minutes later, rescue workers take Joe down from the wires. Then they take him to the hospital. A doctor at the hospital tells Joe, "You are fine—no cuts, no broken bones. You can go home."
A few weeks later, Joe buys a new Jeep. He loves to drive his car. He always wears his seat belt.

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