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Speech Skills Acquisition True Story 12 (Reading and Reproduction)

CONNIE is having trouble with her knee. Her knee hurts, and she walks with a limp. Her doctor tells her, "You need surgery on your knee." So Connie has surgery. After the surgery, Connie's knee feels better. It doesn't hurt. But she still walks with a limp. Connie goes to many doctors. "Please help me," Connie says. "I don't want to walk with a limp." But the doctors can't help Connie. She still walks with a limp. One morning Connie is walking to work when she sees something big and brown. What is it? Is it an animal? Yes, it is! It is a bear, and it is running toward Connie. Connie lives in Alaska. In Alaska, bears come into the city sometimes. The bears are dangerous. They can kill people. Connie runs toward a building, and the bear runs after her. The bear runs fast, and Connie runs fast, too; she doesn't think about her knee. Connie runs into the building and closes the door. The bear stands outside and growls. Connie walks to a phone to call the police. She does not walk with a limp. Connie never walks with a limp again, and she never has another problem with her knee. Connie went to many doctors, but the bear was the best doctor!

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