Read and translate the text.

Prepare the complains about:

1 A.  You and your wife have just arrived at the Bellagio hotel.    You are exhausted and want to check in and go to your room immediately.  You have been customers at this hotel for years and always reserve your room early.  If you have a problem at check-in, try to be nice at first, and ask for assistance.  Its okay to get angry later if the problem is not being taken care of quickly.

2. A.  You are staying at a 5-star hotel and just ordered a very expensive dinner from room service.  You found a hair in your steak, which was also not cooked as well as you wanted.  The wine tastes sour and the mashed potatoes are too salty for you.  Call the front desk to complain.  You are in room 220.

 3. A.   You have been staying at the Bellagio hotel for 3 days, and have not slept well because a group of college students are staying in the room next door.  They party all night.  You have a very important meeting tomorrow morning, and need a good nights sleep.  You asked for a new room yesterday, but nothing has been done so far.  Go to the front desk and resolve the problem.

1 B.    You are the desk clerk on duty at the Bellagio.  Your new computer system keeps deleting reservations.  The hotel is being renovated, so several rooms are under construction and not ready to be used by guests.  Your system does not show that any more guests are checking in today.  Some people are approaching your desk.  If there is a problem, try to be as polite as possible and explain the situation.  If you cannot resolve the problem, call the manager!

 2 B.   You are the front desk clerk.  Your restaurant serves high-quality room service meals, and youve never had a complaint about the food.  You have a no-refund policy on meals from your restaurant.  The couple in room 220 has complained about everything since they arrived yesterday- the towels, the bed, and the maids.  The phone is ringing now.   Your hotel values its customers, so try to be as polite as possible.

3 B.  You are the front desk clerk.  There is a conference in town, and all of your rooms are filled now except for the suites and the penthouse.   These rooms cost twice the price of the regular rooms, but are very nice.   You have had some complaints about a noise group of college students.  Some guests have been asking to change rooms, but you cannot upgrade them to the nicer rooms without charging more.   You value your guests very much.  Your hotel values its customers, so you must always try to be as polite as possible.  A guest is approaching the desk.  Smile!!

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