Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
alongside - вместе, рядом, бок о бок
as well - также
available - доступный
beef - говядина
concern - озабоченность,
dirt - грязь
dishes - блюдо, кушанье
familiar - знакомый
feed - кормить
food - пища
grocer - бакалейщик
habits - привычки
High Street - главная улица города
oven - печь, духовка
packet - пакет, в пакете
plenty - множество
pudding - пудинг
shop - буфет, закусочная
starch - крахмал
tea - чай
tins - консервные банки
veg - вареные овощи (гарнир)
vegans - строгие вегетарианцы
waffles - вафли

1. A generation ago, one would always know what sort of a British family would eat, and when.
2. At breakfast, there would be bacon or sausages, eggs and sometimes a black made from pig’s blood. Then a cup of tea or coffee, some toast, and marmalade.
3. Lunch would usually be eaten at work, perhaps, a lunch of sandwiches or a meal of meat-pie and chips eaten in the canteen.
4. Dinner, at home that evening would be the traditional ‘meat and ’, that is beef or pork, potatoes and one or another sort of vegetable.
5. Supper, if any, would be a toast and a final cup of . Now, things have changed a great deal.
6. At breakfast, one finds cereals, American style and baked beans, with bacon and eggs only served occasionally.
7. Factory and office canteens serve salads and curries the old meat pies.
8. In the evening, a British family can be found eating anything from Chili-Con-Carne to Stroganoff for dinner.
9. The reasons for this sudden change in eating are several. Perhaps, the biggest influence has been in the range of foods available from the supermarkets, and the way in which food is prepared.
10. Forty years ago, one bought meat from the butcher, vegetables from the , and cooked everything at home according to one’s own recipes.
11. Now, at the supermarket, one can buy practically any vegetable - even the most exotic - alongside the meat. One can buy even complete meals, already prepared, in or packages.
12. As a result, you just need to put the available special meals, sold in packages and ready to cook, in your microwave , push a button, and thirty minutes later your dinner is ready.
13. The British have more of taste for foreign food now than they did forty years ago, maybe because it is simply more .
14. Every town or village has an Indian or China restaurants, usually both, besides the traditional Fish and Chips .
15. Italian restaurants - long to the British - are now joined by Mexican ones.
16. And, of course, American hamburgers. The shops known as ‘Fast Food’ Stores can be found on every .
15. The last big influence on eating habits has been people’s new for their health.
16. We now know that too much fat and is bad for us, and that we have to balance our diet.
17. We must not have too much meat, or too many potatoes or eggs, and must eat of fresh vegetables and fruit.
18. Supermarkets now sell package meals that are especially made to follow these rules. They even sell without meat for growing number of vegetarians in Britain.
19. But the one group supermarkets cannot satisfy are the . While vegetarians give up meat alone, vegans refuse to eat anything at all from an animal even milk or honey.
20. This doesn’t leave them much to eat, and you never see a fat vegan. But they are proud to say that no animal suffers to them.
21. Some people are waiting for the appearance of a group who refuses to eat vegetables and fruit .
22. Perhaps, supermarkets will sell tins of and stones for them!