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1. Most people in Britain live in houses, and only few , usually in the poorer areas of the cities, living in flats. Many flats were built in 1960s but now these grey blocks of flats are often in ruins and some of them already been demolished to make room for more houses. The terraced houses which the blocks replace are being rebuilt and are far more popular. Terraced houses are usually for work-in families, but now in London, where house prices are very high, the middle classes are moving into them and change in the character of entire streets.
2.In the suburbs one finds old and middle classes areas with semi-detached or detached houses, always with large gardens, and a garage for the car. Most houses have two or three bedrooms on the upper floor these are often furnished with fit-it furniture, which is built especially to fit that room. a bed, or a double bed for the married couple, a desk, a dressing table and a bedside cabinet where a lamp and an alarm clock could stand. On the ground floor there'll be a bathroom and a toilet , a kitchen, a living-room and, perhaps, a dining-room. Only the larger houses have a study or a library nowadays.
3.Twenty years ago to have all modern conveniences, or roll "mod cons" as they are cold for shot , meant to have running water and an indoor toilet. Now a house is considered primitive if it doesn't have a bath and a show or/and washing machine and a dishwasher, a cooker and a microwave oven, a refrigerator and a freezer. Of course, a television in the living room is considered a necessity and there is usually a video there as well. There will be a three peace suit , consisting of a sofa and two armchairs, a coffee table, usually covered with newspapers opened on a television page, and probably some cabinets displaying favorite ornaments, and old family photographs, or books.
4.The dining room is usually next to the kitchen, in the rear end of the house, and is dominated by a big dinnning table under a table cloth surrendered with chairs. There will be pictures on the wall, but usually their are not other furniture in this room except for perhaps a small cabinet for cutlery and crockery. Every room is carpeted, except the bathroom and the kitchen.
5.One can tell a lot about to the owners of a house by look in at their garden. If it is knit , with a short lawn and well-kept flowerbeds you will find tidy, house-proud, conventional people. If the lawn is overdrawn and the flowers choken by weeds, you have found a house of lazy people - the house will probably be dirty inside as well.
If the garden has been used of growing vegetables, you will find careful, practical people inside, who probably enjoy to walk in their garden , if it for something useful, like homegrown potatoes or cabbage . But if you find a garden where all the plants have been covered by concrete, then you'll found someone who hates people staring at his garden to see what sort of person he is. So don't stand there looking too long, or he may come out to heat you .