1. He was grand to speak to us.
2. He was well to navigate under his own power.
3. He works hard, he'll never be able to keep up.
4. waste of opportunities is a crime.
5. The ship will never make port in storm.
6. The statement does not begin to be comprehensible .
7. It is to his interest to do .
8. I am looking forward to it much!
9. He was not threatening and was refused.
10. He was blown to speak.
11. She's only 17 and young to be meeting young men.
12. The dog is dangerous to be left loose.
13. This metal is thick to turn a bullet.
14. We cooked for six plates of spaghetti.
15. You cannot bring me over by arguments.
16. You put things in way that they agreed.
17. Nobody wears hairdos anymore.
18. It is natural as hardly to be noticeable.
19. No dress youthens a girl much as white.
20. The schools are not producing good material.

Change the sentences so as to use SUCH instead of SO and vice versa:

21. The ship will never make port in such a storm. --> It that the ship will never make port.
22. What makes the grass grow so quickly? --> ?
23. We proffered regrets at having to leave so early. --> .
24. Don't be such a child! --> !
25. Such a thought would never occur to me. --> happen .

Change the sentences so as to use ENOUGH instead of TOO and vice versa:

26. I'm too tired to stand! --> .
27. I was misguided enough to trust him. --> .
28. They talked loudly enough to be heard. --> .
29. He respected his father too much to disobey. --> .
30. Perhaps you would be good enough to read this. --> .