I. Transform the sentences into Complex Subject.

1. It seems that the plant changes colour..
2. It appears that there has been a mistake. .
3. It appeared that the noise was proceeding from the next room. .
4. It is likely that I will be in London next week..
5. It was not likely that he would forget her..
6. It's unlikely that he has been here for so long..
7. It proved that the temptation was too much for her..
8. They say that the new cinema won't be built in our street..
9. It is supposed that he has long been a known authority on this subject..
10. It is expected that they are going to make many drugs legal..

II. Unscramble into Complex Subject.

1. seems to he all to the questions answers the know .
2. out dishes am supposed to I take he everything ?
3. can find when is to arrive likely he out you ?
4. all at not disconcerted appeared about he it .
5. a memory reporter good is a expected to have .
6. days and between to prove job twelve ten take will their .
7. he wealthy to fabulously be reported is.
8. to seemed there be about little him very said.
9. children by of the always study was considered holy Father's holies the .
10. Shakespeare is written this book popularly to be believed by .