Subject + (modal, etc.) + ( to) get/have + Object + Participle II

I (must) have/get my car washed. = I (must) have someone to wash my car.
Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
A. Complete the following sentences.

1. He cannot paint his house himself. A painter is painting it. - He .
2. I could not repair my car. A mechanic did it. - I .
3. There is a hole in his shoe. He is going towards the shoe repair shop. - He .
4. His hair was very long last week. Now it is not long. - He .
5. Your shirt looks very clean. - I have just .
6. The hairdresser will trim my hair tomorrow, so I .
7. The hall was dark so I called a man to put in another window. - I .
8. I can’t understand Greek, so my secretary is translating the letters. - I .
9. The house was so cold that we called a man to install a central heating. - We .
10. We must call a man to cut the grass. - We .
11. My skirt is too long. I’ll take it to a tailor to be shortened, so I .
12. No one can read my notes, so someone must type them. - I .
13. We must call somebody to tune the piano. - We .
14. Someone has dry cleaned this coat for me. - I .
15.This room looks shabby, so I will have to pay a decorator to redecorate it. - I .

B. Read the situation and then write a sentence with the "have something done" pattern .

1. Tom thinks his eyesight is getting worse , so he's going to the eye doctor.
What is Tom going to do there ? He . (to check)
2. Noor is at the hairdresser's at the moment. A hairdresser is cutting her hair.
What is Noor doing? She .
3. Hannan's coat was dirty so she took it to the cleaners . Now it is clean.
What has Hannan done ? She .
4. Nada's watch was broken, so she took it to a jeweller's. Now it is working again.
What has Nada done ? She . (to fix)

C. Answer the questions using the "have something done" pattern.

1. 'Did you cut your hair yourself?' 'No, hairdresser's.'
2. 'Did they paint the house themselves?' 'No, .'
3. 'Did Jim cut down those trees himself?' 'No, .'
4. 'Did Hatim repair the car herself?' 'No, .'
5. 'Did Asma make that dress herself ?' 'No, .'

D. Use words in the brackets to complete the following sentences.

1. [you / your newspaper /deliver] or do you go to the shop yourself to buy it?
2. Is it true that many years ago he [his portrait / paint] by a famous artist?
3. A: Can I see those holiday photographs you took?
B: I'm afraid not . I [not/ the film/develop] yet .

E. Rewrite each sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first one. Don't forget it should follow the speech pattern: Subject + (modal) + ( to) get/have + Object + Participle II

1. English "stole" Latin's place in the world.
Latin had "".

2. The foreign language student wants his mate to copy much information on minority languages.
The foreign language student wants .

3. The language expert will explain the students the origin of those "loan words".
The students will .

4. Someone took Joe's dictionary from the locker.
Joe had .

5. The teacher didn't correct the American kid's spelling as it is a legitimate version of the language.
The American kid didn't .

6. It's the linguist's wish to ask someone to collect examples of "street language".
The Linguist wants .

7. The students are going to translate all Portuguese and English idioms tomorrow.
The students are going .

8. They rejected the foreign student's (he) application to be on the Socrates /ˈsɒkrətiːz/ Programme.
The foreign student had .

9. Dictators have censored the immigrants' language, undoubtedly.
The immigrants have , .

10. Some British would disapprove of my American accent.
I would .

11. EU accepted the rich linguistic repertoire of all country members.
All country members of EU had .

12. The Normans invaded and conquered the British land in 1066.
The British had .

13. His teeth are checked twice a year.
He .

14. My hair is trimmed once a month.
I .

15. Central heating is going to be installed in our house next month.
We .

16. Susan’s burglar alarm was fitted last week.
Susan .

17. Madonna’s last new single has just been recorded.
Madonna .

18. Our new sofa is being delivered tomorrow.
We .

19. Their baby’s bedroom is being decorated at the moment.
They .

20. A new sweater has been knitted for me.
I .

21. Peter’s car engine has to be fixed.
Peter .

22. A new pair of glasses is going to be made for him.
He .

23. They need to hire a famous architect to design their house.
They .

24. Someone stole his bike while he was in the bank.
He while he was in the bank.