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questions and answeres to Viking Necklace

1. Why did the theatre have financial problems?
2. How did the theatre try to improve their financial situation?
3. Why did the banks refuse to accommodate the theatre with loans any more?
4. Why were the company of the theatre distressed about a possibility of turning the theatre building into a bingo hall?
5. How did Tanya happen to find the necklace?
6. What did Tanya and Simon think the necklace was at first? Why did they change their minds?
7. How did it happen that the necklace had been wrapped up the old costume all the time and considered to have been lost?
8. Why did Tanya and Simon become so much interested in the necklace that they started looking for more information about it?
9. Why did they not throw the old theatre accounting records but studied them instead?
10. Why did they conduct the whole investigation themselves and didn't tell anybody else in the theatre about the necklace?
11. Did Tanya and Simon look into the necklace matter spontaneously or did they follow a certain plan? Why?
12. What would have happened if the necklace had belonged not to the theatre but to Sir Percival?
13. Why did Miss Grimwald ask for time to think over the bank's offer? What else could she wish for but the money? Or more money?
14. How do you think the theatre disposed of the money they received from the American museum? Why?

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