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The Visitor Episode 14

‘I hope you won’t give me any trouble with the chocolate! What are you afraid of?’ Liz said. She was holding him down with only one hand. She had the strength of a tiger. Tony looked up into her eyes and felt more and more afraid. In fact he was terrified. There was no feeling in those eyes. They were cold and they never blinked. He opened his mouth and tried to scream. But she forced her hand into his mouth and stopped him. He tried to bite that hand, but it was impossible. It was like trying to bite a lump of steel. Suddenly, with a sick feeling in his stomach, Tony realised that this thing with Liz’s face and voice wasn’t really Liz at all. It was some kind of terrible machine that looked like a human being but wasn’t.
‘Would you like me to help you? I mean, shall 1 help you to eat this nice chocolate?’ the thing with Liz’s face asked. It held him down with its knee and forced open Tony’s mouth with one of its hands. With the other it forced a big piece of the bitter chocolate into his mouth. And Tony was sure it wasn’t chocolate at all but some kind of poison. Tony spat it out. The thing with Liz’s face began to force another piece into his mouth. Tony knew he was losing his strength. He was getting weaker and weaker.
But suddenly he saw another face in the room. It was Tan- Lin. The short, red-haired machine with the strength of a tiger turned around very fast, and faced the tall, thin woman. For a moment neither of them moved. Then the machine cut through the air with its hand. That hand was like a knife, but Tan-Lin moved very fast, too. Somehow she moved away.
The machine kicked out at her with one leg. But Tan-Lin moved away from the kick, too. The machine was fast but Tan-Lin was faster. She chopped at its neck, like a karate expert. The machine with Liz’s face stopped, but only for a moment. It cut through the air again with its knife-like hand, and Tan-Lin again moved away from the blow. She chopped a second time at the same place on the machine’s neck. This time a kind of blue spark came from one of the thing’s eyes.
Tan-Lin moved in quickly and chopped a third time at exactly the same place. There were more blue sparks. The thing that looked and spoke like Liz suddenly froze. It stood there but didn’t move. Its eyes stared out lifelessly.
One of its hands was still in the air, like a frozen karate fighter.
‘I think I came just in time, don’t you agree, Mr Redford?‘ Tan-Lin said softly.

  1. Do you agree that the thing with Liz’s face is some kind of machine? Give reasons.
2. Who do you think made the machine?

Now think of some more questions you would like answers to, but which you can't find in this episode.

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