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The Visitor Episode 13

Tony looked around his hospital room unhappily. It was his second day there. It was a big room and he was all alone in it. The door opened and Liz Davis came in.
Liz! Thank God youve come! When are they going to let me out of here? he asked loudly.
When they know youre all right. They have to examine you very carefully. All sorts of things happen to people who have accidents like yours, she answered.
But Liz, I tell you it wasnt an accident! I was pushed in front of that train. I dont know who did it because I didnt see him. But I was pushed! Tony wanted to say more but he could see that his boss didnt really believe him. He wondered where Tan-Lin was.
I hope she comes soon. Shell understand what Im talking about, he thought. Suddenly he noticed something strange about Liz. She had a yellow dress on.
Ive never seen you in a yellow dress before, Liz. I thought you didnt like yellow, he said. The colour went very badly with her red hair. Liz didnt answer.
Is that a new dress youre wearing? he asked more loudly. But she still didnt answer. She had a box in her hands. She began to unwrap it.
Ive brought you a gift. I hope youll like it, Tony, she said slowly. Tony stared at the box. It was a box of chocolates. But Tony hated chocolates. He never ate them. And Liz knew that very well. For a moment he wondered if it was some kind of joke. But it wasnt.
Here. Have one. Youll feel much better if you do. Chocolate gives you energy, you know. Its good for you! she said. Tony stared at her. She came closer with the chocolate.
Well, er thanks a lot, Liz, but Ill eat them later if you dont mind, he answered. But she shook her head.
No, Tony. You must eat them now.
But Im not really very hungry, Liz! She stared at him strangely. Its good for you! she repeated slowly. She spoke almost like a parrot.
She tried to push the chocolate into his mouth.
No, Liz. I dont want it, Tony said. He could taste some of the chocolate on his lips. And the taste wasnt sweet at all but bitter.
Suddenly Liz gripped him. It was a grip of steel! She forced him down in the bed and stood over him with the chocolate.
I disagree, Tony. You want this chocolate. And you will eat it. And all the other chocolates in the box. You will eat the chocolate now! Quickly! Tony looked into Lizs eyes. There was a cold, terrible look in them. My God, perhaps Im dreaming. Perhaps its all a terrible nightmare, he thought.

  1. What do you think Liz is trying to do?
2. Tony Redford is in hospital. Why?
3. Do you think he is in any danger there? Give reasons for your answer.

Now think of some more questions you would like answers to, but which you can't find in this episode.