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The Visitor Episode 12

The helicopter landed on the deck of the large, light blue yacht. A man in grey got out. He was smiling. He went to a cabin below the deck. Shandor was waiting there for him. He looked at him with his cold, blue eyes. Well, Harlan? Did you follow my instructions?
Yes, Mr Shandor. Here is the microfilm. I think it will tell you everything you want to know. Shandor took the microfilm and put it into a small machine. The machine made the things on the microfilm larger and projected them onto a small screen. Shandor studied the film carefully. Yes, its all here. Plans for some of the weapons we didnt know about before, he said.
He looked at Harlan again.
And what about my other instructions?
Eastwoods body was thrown into the sea. It will never be found. The police think he was really a criminal or a spy. Theyll never know the truth, Harlan answered.
For the first time Shandor smiled.
No, they wont. They could never believe the truth.
Never! He looked very satisfied. Harlan stepped closer to Shandors desk.
Theres still some unfinished business with the young journalist. I wonder if we could talk about that now? Shandor didnt answer.
Harlan went on.
After his little er accident he was taken to hospital. Hes still there. Do you think something should be done about him? Shandor smiled again. It was a cold smile.
Mr Redford probably knows far too much about us. What do you suggest, Harlan? Have you got some sort of plan?
Yes, Mr Shandor, I have! We have another operator ready. This one looks just like Redfords boss. I suggest that our operator should visit Mr Redford in hospital.
The operator will give him a little gift. Some chocolate. Some very special chocolate. And Redford will eat it. All of it. Our operator will make sure of that. Shandor thought for a moment.
Yes, I think I know the kind of chocolate you mean. An excellent idea! he said. Both men smiled coldly.

  1. What do you think the operator is going to do?
2. Who was Carl Eastwood?
3. What happened to him?
4. Which of these do you think is correct? Explain why.
a. The man who looked like Carl wasnt really him at all.
b. Carl was really a dangerous criminal all the time but nobody knew that.

Now think of some more questions you would like answers to, but which you can't find in this episode.