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The Man Who Escaped Episode 10


pull the trigger - нажить на курок
in cold blood - хладнокровно
hate - ненавидеть
somehow - тем не менее, но всё же
got a grip on himself - взял себя в руки
prove - доказывать
innocent - невинный
flat, cold voice - ровный холодный голос
had nothing to do with it - не имею ничего общего с этим
demanded - потребовал
government secrets - государственная тайна
stared down at the floor - потупил взор
hesitated - колебался, замешкался
ruin - разрушит, уничтожит
involve - вовлекать
suspected- подозревали
swallowed - проглотил
abroad - за границу
pose as - позиционировать в качестве
foreign collectors - иностранные коллекционеры

Coke drove for about twenty minutes. He felt nervous in the police car but he knew it was his only chance.
"I wonder how that policeman managed to contact police-headquarters so quickly?" he asked himself. Then be remembered a newspaper article about the new pocket radios all policemen had. They were small things which they put in their pockets.

"Of course! That's it!" he thought. Then he wondered if detectives like Halls and Baxter also had them. He knew they probably did not, because they already had radios in their cars. Suddenly, however, something on the road ahead interrupted his thoughts. Two police cars were there, side by side, blocking the road. Nothing could get by them!

The two policemen at the road block were bored. It was a lonely spot between two hills and there was very little traffic.
"Could you give me a light, Tom?" one of them said. It was his tenth cigarette that night. Just then, they both looked up and saw a car coming towards them.
"It's a police car," the other one said. "Perhaps they're bringing us some hot coffee, or something to eat." They both watched the car as it came closer. It was a long, straight road and the car was still a good distance away.
"Isn't it going to stop?"
"It doesn't look like it."
"Shall we stop it? Our orders are to stop every car."

Just then, they heard the two-tone sound of the horn. It was obvious that whoever was in the car was in a great hurry. The two policemen hesitated for a second. Then one of them turned to the other.
"Would you move the car out of the way, Bob, or shall I?"
"But our orders were to ..."
"Look! That's a police car, can't you see? You don't think Coke's going to come through here in a police car, do you?" The other policeman got into the car and moved it back a few inches; the gap was just wide enough for another car to get through now.
"Aren't you going to move back some more?" the other shouted. Before he could do so, Coke shot through the narrow gap and raced down the road, in the direction of London.


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