Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.

Listen to the recording and insert numbers and the proper names into their boxes.

Swing Low

1. 01.mp3 Stadium, or '' as it is affectionately known, is the home of rugby. It isn't the biggest stadium in the , that is , but it is the largest rugby stadium. fans can sit down and watch the match, with a great view from every part of the ground.
2. 02.mp3Just over years ago, in , the Rugby Football Union, the , bought a piece of land in for . It was originally used for growing cabbages and even today the ground is sometimes called The Cabbage Patch. Anyway, the built the first spectator stands in and the stadium has grown and grown from then on.
3. 03.mp3Rugby is a very popular sport in the , and the fans are extremely passionate about it. The fans singing their songs in the Stadium, the Irish at Park or the at will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. And I know, because I'm lucky enough to have seen matches at these stadiums. , however, was known as 'The Vacuum' because it didn't have a very good atmosphere. That was until , when were in the middle of a terrible run of results. They couldn't score points and the play was not at all exciting.
4. 04.mp3Then, during the second half of the match against , started to play well. Indeed, , a black player, scored tries and went on to win the match with points. Some sections of the crowd started to sing a traditional negro spiritual song, , Sweet Chariot, in honour of this amazing performance by .
5. 05.mp3Suddenly the atmosphere at changed and the stadium had at last found a song to rival those of the other teams. This song is now synonymous with rugby and you can hear it at the stadium and in rugby clubs up and down .
6. 06.mp3The is also used for other events, mainly concerts. In recent years bands such as The , , The Police and U2 have played in front of fans - less than for a rugby international and probably without 's anthem, !


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