S + to be + going to + infinitive of the main verb
She is going to leave.
Use the going to form for:
- plans and intentions:
We're going to move house next year. (= the plan is in our minds now.)
- predictions based on present evidence:
Look at those clouds - it's going to pour with rain! (= It's clear from what I can see now.)
 S + will/shall + infinitive of the main verb
I 'l be there.
Use the will form for:
- future actions that happen without the speaker's intention :
The sun will shine tomorrow.
Peter will be 15 next Tuesday.

- predictions, assumptions: ( I think, I hope, Im sure, Im afraid)
I think Sue will arrive in Paris at 6 pm.
I hope youll be OK.
Im afraid I wont be able to make it.

- promises:
Dont worry. Ill be there on time.
Will you marry me?

- offers:
- Im so hungry! - Ill make you a sandwich.
- when something is done/suggested spontaneously:
Hang on! Ill have a word with you.
Mum is not home. Ill call her to the office.


Type in the correct answer.

1. I feel really tired. I think (Ill / am going to) go to bed.
2. Where are you going? - I (will / am going to) visit a customer.
3. Do you want me to help you? - No thanks. John (will / is going to) help me.
4. Would you prefer tea or coffee? - I ('ll/ 'm going to) have some coffee, please.
5. Would you like to come to my house for dinner and talk about this? - Good idea. I ('ll / 'm going to) bring some wine.
6. I've already decided. I ('ll / 'm going to) buy a new car.
7. The train is late. We ('ll / 're going to) miss the presentation.
8. Look at the clouds. It (will / is going to) rain soon.
9. Peter (will / is going to) be 15 next Wednesday.
10. Tomorrow it (will / is going to) rain in the North.
11. I think Dennis (will / is going to) like this CD.
12. She (will / is going to) dye her hair blonde, but I dont think it (will / is going to) suit her.


Put the verb into the correct form.

13. Do you think that the biology test BE very difficult?
14. Be careful! You FALL down from the stairs.
15. I know that Mark is ill and I VISIT him tomorrow morning.
16. John is not here I'm afraid. - OK then. I CALL him later.
17. I've noticed that she was angry at me so I TALK to her soon.
18. Oh, you're sick. I GO to the pharmacy and get you some medicines.
19. Be quiet or you WAKE everyone up!
20. She is fed up with her old car and she SELL it soon.
21. I think Jane (NOT) SPEAK to him any more after what he did.
22. Have you chosen a place for your holiday yet? - Yes, we GO to Greece this year.
23. She knows he phoned her again but she (NOT) PHONE him back.
24. Let's go to the restaurant. We PAY for you.
25. He doesn't know how to use that tool. He HURT himself.
26. Why did she hoover the whole flat? (She) HAVE guests tonight?
27. I've read all my books so I BUY some new ones next month.
28. That window is too high. She (NOT) REACH it. (You) GIVE her a hand, please?
29. What about your new job offer? Oh, I've made a decision. I (NOT) TAKE it.


Jenny and Chris are talking about their plans for next week. Read their conversation and put a form of going (to) or will into each gap.

Jenny Would you like a game of tennis next Thursday?
Chris I cant, I'm afraid. I go to Bristol.
Jenny What for?
Chris I have an interview for a job as manager of a record shop.
Jenny I didn't know you wanted to move.
Chris Well, my parents retire next year, and l want to be near them.
Jenny How are you getting to Bristol?
Chris l have a bit of a problem, actually. My car isn't working at the moment, I'm thinking of getting a taxi to the station, and then getting a train.
Jenny I give you a lift to the station. Don't worry about a taxi.
Chris Really?
Jenny Mhmm......
Chris OK. Then I get a taxi home.
Jenny Well, what time is your train back?
Chris It gets in at nine fifteen in the evening. Why?
Jenny Its all right. l pick you up as well. Its no trouble.
Chris Thats great! Thanks a lot, Jenny.

30. When did Chris decide to go to Bristol? Before he spoke to Jenny or while he was speaking to her?
31. When did Jenny decide to give Chris a lift? Before she spoke to Chris or while she was speaking to him?
32. What's the difference between going to and will to express a future intention?


Type in the correct form

33. My suitcase is so heavy! - Give it to me. I ('ll/ 'm going to) carry it for you.
34. I bought some warm boots because I ('ll go / 'm going to) go skiing.
35. Tony's back from holiday - Is he? I ('ll/ 'm going to) give him a ring.
36. We ('ll see / 're going to) see 'Hamlet' at the Royal Shakespeare tonight. The tickets were very expensive.
37. You can tell me your secret. I (won't / 'm not going to) tell anyone else
38. I hear you and John (will /are going to) get married! Congratulations!
39. I need to get these letters in the post as soon as possible. - I ('ll / 'm going to) go shopping soon. I ('ll / 'm going to) post them for you.
40. Where (you) (will / are going to) go on holiday this year? - Turkey. What about you?' - We don't know yet. Maybe we ('ll go / 're going to) go to Spain.


a) He is going to study French. And your brother?
He WILL study French TOO.

b) We will dance a waltz. And you?
We ARE GOING TO dance waltz TOO.

41. They are going to practice sports. And your friends? - .
42. I will speak Spanish. And you? - .
43. He is going to read a book. And your father? - .
44. You will teach English. And you? - .
45. We are going to dance a tango. And you? - .
46. He will play the guitar. And your sisters? - .
47. She is going to visit her boyfriend. And your sister? - .
48. Peru will produce a lot of copper. And that district? - .


c) He is not going to study French. And your brother?
He WILL NOT study French EITHER.

49. They are not going to play soccer. And your friends? - .
50. I will not go to Marc Antony concert. And you? - .
51. He is not going to write a book. And your father? - .
52. You will not teach French. And I? - .
53. He will not play the guitar. And your brother and you? - .
54. She is not going to dance to the disco . And your sister? - .
55. My washing machine will not wash the clothes. And yours? - .
56. Miguel is not going to go to the party. And what about us? - .


d) Julie/ play tennis. - What is Julie going to do? - She is going to play tennis.

58. Joe / listen to a CD. - ? - .
59. The children/play in the park. - ? - .
60. Your mother/ cook lunch. - ? - .
61. Your teacher/start a new lesson. - ? - .
62. You / go to work. - ? - .
63. You and John / at 7 tonight / watch TV. - ? - .
64. Rob and I / on Sunday / play chess. - ? - .
65. Luis and his father / on vacations / visit Glasgow. - ? - .