Present Simple or Present Continuous

1. I (not / belong) to a political party.
2. Hurry, the bus (come). I (not / want) to miss it.
3. The River Nile (flow) into the Mediterranean.
4. The River (flow) very fast today - much faster than usual.
5. - Can you drive? - No, but I (learn). My father (teach) me.
6. I usually (enjoy) parties, but I (not / enjoy) this one very much.
7. George says he’s 80 years old, but I (not / believe) him.
8. Ron is in London at the moment. He (stay) at the Hilton Hotel.
9. He usually (stay) at this hotel when he’s in London.
10. - What (your father / do)? - He’s a teacher, but he (not / work) at the moment.
11. That machine (not / work). It broke down this morning.
12. That machine (not / work). It's not switched on.
13. Look! Somebody (climb up) that tree over there.
14. Somebody (climb up) that tree. Its bark is torn.

Simple Past or Past Continuous

1. Tom’s father (tell) him how to drive when he was 17 years old.
2. This time last year I (live) in Brazil.
3. I (see) Jim at the park yesterday. He (read) a book.
4. While I (work) in the garden, I (hurt) my back.
5. Yesterday evening Tom (have) a bath when the phone (ring). He (get) out of the bath and (answer) the phone.
6. Tom (not / shave) this morning because he (not / have) time.
7. When Tom (arrive), I (cook).
8. (you / watch) television when I (phone) you?
9. We needed some money so we (sell) our car.
10. Tom (take) a photo of me while I (not / look).
11. What (you / do) at this time yesterday?
12. George (fall) off the ladder while he (paint) the ceiling.

Past Simple or Present Perfect

1. Ann (spend) a lot of money yesterday. She (buy) a dress which (cost) £ 100.
2. Phil is very pleased. He (find) a new job!.
3. Congratulations! You (pass) your driving-test.
4. I (not / go) to work yesterday. I (stay) at home.
5. The car (just / stop) because it (run) out of petrol.
6. Tom (have) an accident this morning and (break) both his legs.
7. We (eat) anything yet. We (not / find) a place to eat.
8. When I was going to the bus stop I (not / rush) because I (not / be) in a hurry.
9. (ever / you / play) the guitar?
10. Where (you / go) last night? I (be) at Phil’s Pub and I (not / see) you .
11. I (just / finish) my report. It (take) four hours!
12. Anne (never / be) to China, however she (go) to Japan two years ago.

Past Simple or Past Perfect

1. Yesterday night a man (snatch) the money from the bank and (run) away.
2. When I (switch) the TV on, the programme (start). I was just in time.
3. When John arrived at the Camping, Harriet (put) up the tent. He (be) very surprised!
4. I (take) the book back to the library when I (read) it.
5. Yesterday morning I (arrive) at the shop before it (open).
6. Tom (not / shave) this morning because he (cut) himself the day before.
7. Nick (buy) a new motor bike last month. He (save) the money.
8. When I (cross) the road five minutes ago I (look) both ways.
9. I got home at 3 o’clock and there was no one there. My mother (just / leave).
10. After I (dry) the dishes I (put) them away.
11. I (dry) the dishes and then I (put) them away.
12. The judge (not / say) a word before he (hear) all the arguments.
13. When I (get) to the station the train (already / leave).
14. When I (get) to the station a train (already / leave).