It (be) midnight, and I at the party at a friend's house for nearly half an hour when the babysitter (call). " (come) home right away!", she said.
I (not stop) to ask any questions. I (get into) my car and (drive) home as quickly as possible. But when I (reach) River Street, the most dangerous street in town, I (get) a flat tire.
It (be) very dark and quiet, and I (be) terribly afraid. I (start) to walk down the street, when I (see) an enormous dog. He (look) very angry, and he (bark) when he (see) me. What (can) I do?
I (have) to think quickly. Fortunately, I (have) some food from the party with me. I (take) some cookies from my pocket, and I (give) them to the dog, that (still bark). But he (stop) right away when he (smell) the food and (eat) the cookie. While he (eat), I (walk) away.
A half hour later, I finally (arrive) home. I (look) in my pocket for the key, but it (not be) there. I guess I (lose) it when I (feed) the dog. I (decide) to get into the house through the living room window. A few minutes later, I (be) in the living room. I (not see or hear) anything strange, so I (go) upstairs. Then somebody (shout), "Help!" I (be) so nervous that I (trip) over a chair and (fall) down. Then I (find) myself tumbling down the staircase, when I (feel) that someone (poke) in my side and I (wake) up. I (be) glad it (be) only a dream.