Put the letter A, B, C or В for the appropriate use of the Present Continuous in the following sentences:

Present Continuous/Progressive

A. Действие происходит в момент речи.
Коммуникативная функция - побудительная.

Oh! The eggs are burning and the coffee is boiling over! Where do you keep things?

B. Действие происходит именно в указанный период времени.
Коммуникативная функция - эмоционально-описательная.

- What are you doing in Geneva?
- I’m writing a play.

I’m getting ready to move to their new house.

C. Действие является самым характерным или важным для деятеля или другой смысловой части высказывания.
Часто определяется наречиями always и constantly.
Коммуникативная функция - субъективная и эмоционально-усилительная.

You’re always showing off. = I reckon that showing off is your typical trait.
When I see him, he is always eating something.
At the present time I’m hating New York!

D. Действие произойдет в будущем по плану.

I’m sailing early next month.
Are we dining out tonight?

1.Bill, stop that disgusting game you're playing.
2.They've moved to their London house. They are buying new furniture.
З.Не paused and looked at her. "You're shaking. Are you all right?"
4. He is always having to check his emotions.
5.I am meeting Jason at his office on the 25th. Would you join us?
6. You know that cinema audiences are declining in the United States.
7. The rain is just beginning.
8. Sally put down the telephone. "It was Dan. He's staying at the club tonight. He's too tired to drive home."
9. You are always drinking tea when I come here for a snack.
10.I miss her very much, almost every minute of the day I think of her, or I think I'm hearing her.
11. He started into the house ahead of us shouting, "Mary, what are you doing? Your guests have come."
12. "I'm sorry," I said, "I'm being clumsy."
13. My cousin just rented an old barn to a young man who repairs bicycles. He's there all the time. Even on Sundays. He's working on some kind of an invention.
14. My father is always saying things that he shouldn't say in front of me.
15. "Don't go," he said. "I feel faint. The room is spinning around."
16. I'll say good night to you, Mr Brown, now, if you'll excuse me. I'm feeling kind of exhausted this evening.
17. "Why are you still dressed?" her father asked. "I'm working tonight. Mr Hardy has a meeting at his house. I'm going out there to take notes."
18. "I'm not scared," she said. "You are. You're wishing I hadn't done it."
19. Paris is wonderful. I like the food here, and I'm eating like mad.
20. The aspirin isn't working. I'm in pain.
21. Albert is doing quite nicely in the used-car business.
22. By the way, I'm having some people over for dinner tonight.
23. Helen, please don't talk to me in a tiresome voice. You are not being scolded. We are simply discussing what can be done.
24. Come and sit by Leo and me. We're having a boring gossip all about Peter's chances.
25. Hello, Alice. You're looking healthy, prosperous and fine.
26. "I've heard the whole story, all the town is talking of it," he said.
27. Don't come at five; I'm having my English class then.
28. Please stop that noise! I'm having my English class!