Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
1. Read the situations and write sentences from the words in brackets.

Ex: I invited Jill to the party but she couldn’t come. She had arranged to do something else (she /arrange /to do something else)

A. It was great to see Paul again after such a long time. . (I /not /see /him /for five years)
B. I offered Sue something to eat but she wasn’t hungry. . (she /just /have /breakfast)
C. You went to Ray’s house but he wasn’t there. . (he /go out)
D. My friends went to the cinema last night. They arrived at the cinema late. . (the film /already / begin)


A. The secretary (inform) her boss that she had (finish) the letter and she (remind) him that he (book) a table at his favorite restaurant for 7:00.
B. Mike (meet) Lucy three weeks ago. His brother (meet) Karen two months before.
C. The house (be) very quiet when I (come) back, Everybody (go) to bed. Since I (feel) very tired, I (go) straight to bed too.

3. Change Active into Passive.

A. She had left the place when he arrived. - The when he arrived.
B. When he was 15, he had already finished high school. - When he was 15, .
C. After I’d called Mike, I went for a walk. - After , I went for a walk.
D. She said that she had bought new high-heeled shoes. - She said that .
E. We discovered that we had spent all the money. - We discovered that .
F. Peter said that he had seen them in Bristol. - Peter said that .

4. Put questions to the words in bold type

A. They had come to the department store by 3 o’clock. - ?
B. They had finished shopping by the evening. - ?
C. We had left for London by 5 p.m. yesterday. - 5 p.m. yesterday?
D. The letter had been posted by 4 o’clock . - By ?
E. They had sold out chains and silver ear-rings by that time. - ?

5. Make up one complex sentence without shifting the parts.

A. We got to the supermarket. It was closed. - When , it .
B. We got home. It began to rain. - Lucky us, when , .
C. My mother cooked dinner. She went shopping. - After , . / Before , .
D. Helen tried on a lot of jackets. She bought one. - First , before .
E. Fruits and vegetables were not bought. The greengrocer’s was not opened. - as .
F. A present for my mother was bought. My father asked about it. - as .
G. The wind-breaker was tried on. It was bought. - before .
H. I went window-shopping. I entered one of the department stores. - After , . / Before , .