Если я увижу его, я  его подвезу.
If I see him, I will give him a lift.
Если он увидит меня, он  меня подвезет.
If he seeS me, he will give me a lift.
Если увидишь его, подвези его.
If you see him, give him a lift.
If + Present Simple, Future Simple/Imperative
Как только получишь ответ, сразу позвони мне.
As soon as you have received the answer, call me right away.
Как только он получит ответ, он сразу позвонит мне.
As soon as he has received the answer, he will call me right away.
If + Present Perfect, Future Simple/Future Perfect/Imperative

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense and word order:

1. As soon as everybody has gone to bed the mice (come) out of their holes.
2. As soon as I hear from him I (let) you know.
3. As soon as she (learn) to type I'll get her a job.
4. As soon as the holidays begin this beach (become) very crowded.
5. By the time he (get) back from his holiday the milkman will have left twenty-one bottles of milk outside his door.
6. Don't count on a salary increase before you actually (get) it.
7. Don't drive at more than 50 k.p.h. till your car (do) 4,000 kilometres.
8. Don't jump out of the aeroplane until the pilot (say) 'Go!'
9. He (be) here before you go.
10. He (not let) you out till you have finished your homework.
11. (he ring) us up when he arrives in England?
12. He (wake) up when we turn the lights on.
13. He will wash up before he (go) to bed.
14. He'll be ready as soon as you (be).
15. Hotel receptionist: When you (sign) the hotel register the porter will show you your room.
16. I (give) the children their dinner before he (come) home.
17. I (go) on doing it until he tells me to stop.
18. I (lend) you my cassette recorder whenever you want it.
19. I (stay) in court till the jury returns.
20. I can't leave the country till the police (return) my passport.
21. I shan't buy tomatoes till the price (come) down.
22. I won't come to London till the bus strike (be) over.
23. I'll bolt all the doors before I (go) to bed.
24. I'll buy that house when I (have) enough money.
25. I'll pay you when I (get) my cheque.
26. I'll stay in bed till the clock (strike) seven.
27. Look before you (leap). (proverb)
28. My father will be furious when he (see) what you have done.
29. She will be delighted when she (hear) this.
30. She'll have to behave better when she (go) to school.
31. Stay here till the lights (turn) green.
32. That road will not be safe till the floods (subside).
33. The alarm bell (go on) ringing till you press this button.
34. The car (not move) till you take the brake off.
35. The lift (not start) until you press that button.
36. The refrigerator (go on) making that noise till we have it repaired.
37. These gates will remain shut until the train (pass).
38. They will be astonished when they (see) how slowly he works.
39. We (have) to stay on this desert island till we can repair our boat.
40. We can't have a fire here until we (sweep) the chimney.
41. We can't make any decision till they (arrive) here.
42. We'll have to stay here till the tide (go) out.
43. We'll have to stay up this tree till the bull (go) away.
44. When a bottle of champagne (be) opened for twenty-four hours the wine is not fit to drink.
45. When everybody (leave) the park the park-keeper will lock the gates.
46. When he (return) I'll give him the key.
47. When he (sell) all his newspapers he'll go home.
48. When I (be) here for a year I'll ask for a rise.
49. When I (finish) the book I'll lend it to you.
50. When it (get) cold I'll light the fire.
51. When the bell rings I (take) the meat out of the oven.
52. When the boa constrictor (eat) the goat he will become very lethargic.
53. When the fog (lift) we'll be able to see where we are.
54. When the laundry comes I (have) some clean handkerchiefs.
55. When the Queen (arrive) the audience will stand up.
56. When Tom (go) I'll tell you a secret.
57. When we (have) lunch we'll go for a walk.
58. When we (have) our injections I expect we'll feel awful.
59. When we (see) the cathedral we'll go to the museum.
60. When we (take) our exam we'll have a holiday.
61. When we have seen the Chamber of Horrors we (have) a cup of tea.
62. When winter (begin) the swallows will fly away to a warmer country.
63. When you (do) 4,000 kilometres you can drive it at 70 k.p.h.
64. When you (have) something to eat you'll feel better.
65. When you are eighteen your father (give) you a latchkey.
66. When you look at yourself in the glass you (see) what I mean.
67. When you open the safe you (see) a small black box.
68. You (fall) rapidly through the air till your parachute opens.
69. You (get) a shock when you open that box.
70. You (not hear) the sound of the explosion till after you have seen the flash.
71. You (not know) how good oysters are till you have tasted one.
72. You cannot become a member of this club until you (make) a parachute descent.