PART I Insert some or any, making the appropriate compounds if necessary,

1. There's milk in that jug.
2. She wanted stamps but there weren't in the machine.
3. I'm afraid there isn't coffee left; will you grind ?
4. Is there one here who speaks Italian?
5. I'd like to buy new clothes but I haven't money.
6. There's gin in the cupboard but there aren't glasses.
7. They can't have more strawberries; I want to make jam.
8. one I know told me of the details.
9. Have you idea who could have borrowed your bicycle?
10. I saw hardly one I knew at the party, and I didn't get thing to drink.
11. When would you like to come? - day would suit me.
12. Are there letters for me?
13. Don't let one in. I'm too busy to see body.
14. thing tells me you've got bad news for me.
15. I can't see my glasses where.
16. We didn't think he'd succeed but he managed how.
17. You're looking very miserable; has thing upset you?
18. If you had sense you wouldn't leave your car unlocked.
19. Scarcely one was wearing a dinner jacket.
20. one who believes what Jack says is a fool.
21. She put her handbag down where and now she can't find it.
22. Will you have pudding or fruit?
23. Haven't you got friends in Rome? I feel sure you mentioned them once.
24. Haven't you got friends here? You should join a club and get to know people.
25. I see you haven't maps. Would you like to borrow of mine?
26. one can tell you how to get there. (Everyone knows the way.)
27. Come and have supper with us if you aren't doing thing tonight.
28. I how imagined the house would be much larger.
29. All the salaries are being paid much later now; it's thing to do with the computer.
30. He lives where in France now.
31. You can't expect just student to solve the problem. It requires a mathematician.
32. He's not very well known here but he's one (an important person) in his own country.
33. Where shall we sit? - Oh, where will do.
34. Is there one moving about downstairs? I heard thing falling.
35. Is there one living in that house? It looks deserted.
36. Would you like thing to drink? There's very good beer in the fridge.


PART II. Insert some/any/no/every + thing/one/body/where, making the appropriate compounds
37. Is there who can drive?
38. Where are my sandals? They must be here !
39. Where’s Kate? We can’t see her .
40. Hello! Is there at home?
41. I’ve prepared to eat but it’s special.
42. Oh, no! Water is !
43. She can't go to the party. She has got to wear.
44. I love him. He means to me.
45. I am hungry. I want to eat .
46.There is to look at! It is disgusting!
47. in the world can help him now!
48. I can’t see my socks !
49. knows that you are his sister.
50. Forget it! It means !
51.. wants to have to talk to.
52. wants to be lonely.
53. I won’t find such a man !
54. from the post office brought this to you.
55. came to see me at the weekend, so I was alone.
56. I don't know who speaks Chinese.
57. A - telephoned this afternoon. B - Oh, who was it?
58. is talking because everybody has a lot of work.
59. is talking, but I don’t know who it is.
60. I wanted to talk to about my problems, but wanted to listen because they were watching TV.
61. Please don't tell my secret.