Directions: Read the passage and fill in each blank with an appropriate preposition. Not all of the gaps needs filling in, if this is the case, insert NP (No Preposition).

1. The body nearly all flowering plants can be divided two systems, the root system which grows ground and the shoot system which grows it. The typical root system anchors the plant firmly the soil, and absorbs water and various dissolved raw materials it, the typical shoot system consists a main stem which are born leaves, branch shoots, and sometimes flowers. It should be emphasized, that the words stem and shoot are not synonymous, the word "shoot" being a collective term both stem and leaves. The leaves are the chief food-producing organ the plant, making complex foods the presence light a process called photosynthesis. The name stem supports the leaves, displaying them the light needed photosynthesis, and also acts as the main channel communication the various organs the plant. Water and dissolved materials absorbed the roots are carried the stem the leaves and flowers, and foods synthesized the leaves are conducted away the stem other regions the plant, both and grounds, where they are either used growth or else stored future use. Flowers are organs that are concerned the reproduction the species seed.

2. Suppose that we lined up our roughly 14 million United States businesses order size, starting the smaller, along an imagined road San-Francisco New York. There will be 4,500 businesses the mile, or a little less than one foot. Suppose further that we placed a flag each business. The height the flagpole represents the annual volume sales; each $10,000 is shown one foot pole. The line flagpoles is a very interesting sight. San-Francisco about Reno, Nevada, it is almost unnoticeable, a row poles about a foot high. Reno Eastward the poles increase height until, near Columbus, Ohio - about four-fifth the way across the nation - flags fly about 10 feet the air. But as we approach the Eastern terminus, the poles suddenly begin to mount. There are about 300,000 firms the country sales over $500,000. These corporations occupy the last 75 miles the 3,000-mile road. There are 200,000 firms sales over $1 million. They occupy the last 50 miles. Then there are 1,000 firms sales $50,000,000 or more. They take up last quarter mile before the city limits, flags flying cloud height, 5,000 feet up. the very gates New York, the last 100 feet the last mile, we find the 100 largest industrial firms. They have sales least $1.5 billion, so that their flags are already miles high. Along the last 10 feet road, there are the 10 largest companies. Their sales are roughly $10 billion and up. Their flags 190 miles the air, literally the stratosphere.