Directions: Read the passage and fill in each blank with an appropriate preposition. Not all of the gaps needs filling in, if this is the case, insert NP (No Preposition).

1. The Aztecs Mexico were probably the first people to domesticate the turkey. Hernan Cortes-conquered Mexico 1521, he returned Spain specimens the large bird. Its popularity spread Europe. Later, domestic turkeys returned the Western Hemisphere when the Pilgrims brought them England.

2. When a meteor collides the Earth's atmosphere, the resulting friction causes the meteor to heat up and partially vaporize. Its entrance is seen as a brief flash light and a luminous vapor trail that lasts a few seconds. A meteor that reaches the Earth's surface is called a meteorite. Meteorites are extremely valuable scientists because they are samples actual cosmic material.

3. William Cody more widely known as Buffalo Bill was an American showman who founded the great wild West show 1883. He travelled Europe other famous people such as the sharp shooter Annie Oakley and the Indian chief setting ball to perform many heads of state, like the Czar Russia and the King England.

4. Just the turn the twentieth century a new musical form captivated America--Ragtime. Although ragtime had its starting 1897 "William Mississippi Rag" it was Scott Chaplin who popularised the form his "Maple Leaf Rag". John Philip Seuser began to feature rag his band concerts America and Europe. the early 1900s ragtime had been the most popular art form America.

5. The proposed fine arts building would serve the university drama and music majors as well as the art majors. The building would contain several stages: a main stage visiting groups and major productions and two smaller stages experimental theatre classes. the music majors a large concert hall and many practice rooms are planned. Finally the art majors the building would provide an exhibition hall the permanent collection and space students' temporary shows as well as many wookrooms and classrooms.

6. Arthritis is one the oldest complaints that has tormented not only the human race but animals as well. Even dinosaurs suffered it millions years ago. The earliest known example one arthritis is the platycarpus.

7. Some people were nervous the restoration Michelangelo's frescoes the ceiling the Sistine Chapel. Painted there the height the Renaissance they are Italian national treasures which could have been damaged as other treasures have been the past due the restorers' blunders.

8. Every year game manufacturers introduce many new games the public. These are designed to puzzle, preoccupy, frustrated and delight millions fun-seekers the world, who roll the dice, pick a card, guess a quote or buy a property according the game. Very popular the market recent years have been the ones which test a player's general knowledge.

9. Pioneers wanting to reach the west coast North America arrived river boat Missouri River Towns the early spring. They hoped to cross the Plains and the Rocky Mountains the summer while the prairie grass would provide food their animals. They also wanted to arrive California before the winter snows close the mountain passes. Those who didn't make it were stranded the mount.

10. the seventh century large bells have been used cathedrals, churches and monasteries. The greatest bell the world is Moscow. This famous king bells weights about 198 tons. The next two largest bells are also located Russia. One in St Peterborough weights 171 tons and another Moscow weights 110 tons. Great Paul, the bell St Paul's London is the largest bell England but weights a mere 17 tons.