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Directions: Read through the following and fill in the blanks with one suitable word. (Most of the missing words are prepositions.)

Travel Plans

I live Sweden, but every summer I like to travel Britain to visit my family and friends. I hate flying, so last summer I decided that for a I would travel bus. to the brochure I received the travel agency, the bus would leave Malmo 9.30 Friday evening and arrive London the following Sunday 7.30 the morning. The journey would involve taking the boat Trelleborg the south coast of Sweden to Travemunde West Germany. Then we would drive Germany, Holland and Belgium
taking another boat Ostend Dover. It sounded wonderful - least theory.
fact, the journey was a nightmare from to finish. begin , I made the mistake not reserving a berth Trelleborg and Travemunde since it was quite impossible to sleep to the
combined singing groups of drunk Germans and Swedes, each trying outdo the other in of volume and
Again, I had forgotten that you are not allowed to smoke Swedish buses, which made the journey stops seem even longer than it was reality. It also meant that when we did eventually have a break I spent the whole time making for the hours when I had not been able to smoke, the result that I could not be bothered to
waste valuable "smoking" time queuing up a meal.
the time we reached London I was a physical and mental wreck! I had not slept or eaten properly almost thirty-six hours and all I wanted to do was sleep. So I booked a really shoddy hotel next Victoria Coach Station and slept soundly twelve hours, the same time vowing that never again would I make the journey from Sweden Britain by bus. fact, that experience, flying took a whole new dimension and far hating it, I would now not dream travelling any other way.