Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
Read through the following and fill in the numbered blanks with one suitable word. Then decide if the story is true or false.

A Holiday Death

a camping holiday Spain, grandmother, who had been brought along the of the family, died suddenly the night natural causes. Not wanting to bury her a foreign country, where they might never be able to visit her grave again, the family decided to head home and attempt to smuggle her Spain and France and so to England.
this mind, they rolled Grandmother's body a carpet, tied it to the roof rack the car
with the camping equipment and started their journey.
They drove all night and just breakfast, they heaved a sigh relief as they crossed the border out of Spain and France.
this time, all the family were very tired and hungry. As a stop breakfast sounded like a good idea, they parked the car a side street to a suitable cafe. Not wanting to leave the corpse too long and also wishing to continue their journey as soon as possible, they ate a quick breakfast and returned the car. However, their horror, their possessions had been stolen the roof the car, including the carpet and grandmother's corpse!
The strange thing is - the body never did turn !