Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
Directions: Read the passage and fill in each blank with an appropriate preposition.
Not all of the gaps needs filling in; if it's the case, put '-' or 'NP' (No Preposition) into the gap.

On the Case

that moment the intercom buzzed and the chief answered it. "Yeah? Sure, put him . Good morning, Mr. Fitch...How are you this morning? Well, we couldn't be better here... nothing more serious than a few parking violations... .Yes, she was here, but you know how old people get times...yes, I didn't pay much attention her story, you know what an imagination your cook has... every one knows her family and her father being crazy and all; well, they just say she takes after her father.. .You DO?"
The chief turned me with a look astonishment his face. "Well, if you want, but I don't really see the need. Yes, sir. I'll be glad to help you settle the issue once and all. I'll send up Rodriguez to check it immediately.. .Who, sir? Why, sir? But he's just new, sir. He doesn't know anything the town, sir. Oh, I see. OK, sir. Yes, he's right here, if you would like to talk him."
The chief put his hand the receiver and said, "It's Fitch; he wants you to come and investi­gate the death of his last wife."
Fitch seemed very concerned when I talked him the phone. He said he had heard his cook was worried that there was some mystery connected the death his wife, and he would like the air cleared once and all. He thought I would be a good one to be put the case, because I would bring a fresh approach the problem. I think what he wanted to say was that he didn't trust any these small-town cops to do an efficient job. But I thanked him his confidence and told him I would be out his house soon.
I handed the telephone back the chief. "Is there anything else you wanted to say me, Chief?"

Questions about the Story
1. Why did the chief not want Dwight to visit the Fitches?
2. What woman were the chief and Fitch talking about?
3. Why was the cook worried?
4. What did Fitch want Dwight to do?
5. Why did Fitch want Dwight and not another investigator?