Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
Insert an appropriate preposition or adverb. In case of zero preposition put "-" or "NP" (No Preposition) in the box.

1. She is afraid dogs.
2. People are responsible their actions.
3. Politicians are responsible their voters.
4. He pointed his gun me.
5. The evidence pointed him.
6. Someone is waiting you downstairs.
7. He is proud his daughter.
8. What are you wondering ?
9. She is pleased this.
10. I am interested music.
11. He entered the University in 1994.
12. She explained me everything.
13. I explained this her.
14. They graduated the Institute honours in 1997.
15. A man addressed me the street.
16. You must talk our boss this matter first.
17. She was so happy the news that she was jumping delight.
18. He hit his shin and cried out pain.
19. She was so happy that she cried joy.
20. Who are you laughing ?
21. Don’t be so mad her, she does not deserve you.
22. The cat climbed the tree.
23. They hunted foxes there.
24. Let’s play some game her.
25. She plays the piano wonderfully.
26. He wanted to marry her.
27. He fell love her first sight.
28. You may join us.
29. Don’t mention it.
30. You didn’t say her it, I hope.
31. Will you repeat me the last phrase you have just said?
32.1. Whom did you introduce her ?
32.2. Would you answer my question?
32.3. Will you give an answer my question?
33. Russia is rich mineral resources.
34. The room smells rats.
35. They painted the walls blue.
36. This medicine is the flue.
37. He knocked the door twice.
38. He bought a ticket the show.
39. The plane tickets Moscow are up.
40. The building was very close the river.
41. Bob's flat is next mine.
42. I lost the key the door my house.
43. Now she lives the address that I am helpless to remember.
44. They are having their exam English soon.
45. I’d like to tell the story the first person.
46. Do you speak French?
47. They said something French and continued speaking Italian.
48. I had nothing to say her answer.
49. This money is not enough to buy this TV set .
50. What has happened you? Reply to me!
51. You may tell us everything the strictest confidence.
52. She has great talent languages.
53. I don’t want to agree what is happening around.
54. I fully agree you this matter.
55. British weather does not agree me.
56. To master a language, work being fluent it.
57. They were working a new book.
58. She is fond children.
59. They attracted (drew) much attention themselves.
60. Shakespeare's Juliet died love.
61. Her love money made her get married him.
62. She is very optimistic him.
63. He was waiting the bus stop.
64. You must sign the letter the bottom.
65. Open the report page 156.
66. The diagram is page 25.
67. He was not present the conference.
68. He was absent the conference.
69. The book is top the bookcase.
70. May I take a look her again?
71. The step was slippery and he fell the ladder.
72. The bird flew and never returned.
73. The war ended Russia’s victory.
74. We ended our meal a nice dessert.
75. This is very kind you.
76. I read an article business.
77. We like to go a walk the forest.
78. It was a quarrel the buried treasure.
79. You are very polite me.
80. It will be good news him.
81. She was trembling excitement.
82. He was weeping disappointment.
83. They were so happy that they started to dance joy.
84. This depends many circumstances.
85. It is a beautiful view our park.
86. This letter came your name.
87. I would like to retell the story the third person.
88. We were lying the sun.
89. What did he die ?
90. This group can be divided two parts.
91. I feel some strong need good books.
92. It was a splendid tour this country.
93. I am sure he did it fun.
94. Please, don’t react this like that.
95. I didn’t want to express anything reply his remark.
96. Now I am sure this.
97. Can you prove me everything?
98. These clothes belong Mary.
99. They fight their enemy.
100. She reminds me someone.
101. The room was full old books.
102. She sympathises all animals.
103. She doesn’t qualify her job.
104. I hope you can guess it.
105. She announced it yesterday.
106. I can’t possibly refuse my favourite dish.
107. Mary divorced Michael a year ago.
108. She mentioned this several times.
109. Don’t lie me, please, tell me the truth.
110. Stop making fool me.
111. He reminds me someone I knew the country.
112. This is the best monument Peter the Great.
113. You must consult a good specialist.
114. Well, I doubt it.
115. I might agree your words.
116. There is something strange him.
117. Well, this is quite news me.
118. She then spoke a whisper.
119. I did this his orders.
120. I was my second year the University when it happened.
121. The dog bit me the arm.
122. When we arrived the station, the train had already left.