Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
Choose the verb that agrees with its subject.

1. Each of their children (plays, play) a different instrument.
2. The disappearance of the treasure and its final recovery (makes, make) a fascinating story.
3. It is one of the most freakish accidents that (has, have) ever occurred.
4. The owner or his friends (plan, plans) to use the boat this afternoon.
5. The greatest expense of the party (were, was) the elaborate decorations.
6. Chavez Avenue is the only one of our streets that (runs, run) from one end of the city to the other.
7. The pictures painted on the wall (show, shows) the main events in the history of our town.
8. Rain or snow (don't, doesn't) stop a football game.
9. This kind of movies (don't, doesn't) attract a wide audience.
10. There (is, are) no living organisms in Great Salt Lake except brine shrimp and certain algae.
11. The footprints under the window (suggests, suggest) burglary.
12. The sweater, as well as the skirt, (was, were) imported from Paris.
13. Are you one of those readers who (doesn't, don't) read beyond the headlines?
14. Three hours (is, are) a long wait for emergency treatment.
15. One of the most highly recommended safety devices (is, are) seat belts.
16. Neither the pillows nor the mattress (feel, feels) very comfortable.
17. The preparations for such a trip (require, requires) much planning.
18. Only reading, writing, and arithmetic (was, were) taught in the schools of those days.
19. It's one of those accidents that (happens, happen) when you're overtired.
20. The orchestra (were, was) tuning up their instruments for (their, its) opening number.
21. This is one of the richest oil fields that (has, have) ever been discovered.
22. Garcia's is the only bakery that sells (those, that) kind of doughnuts.
23. (are, Is) there five or six people coming to dinner?
24. One of the park's main problems (are, is) the roving bears.
25. The survival of these children (depends, depend) on your generosity.
26. Alberto's popularity and success (were, was) due to his fine personality.
27. Ten dollars (seems, seem) a high price for this simple repair.
28. It was one of those puzzling traffic signs that (confuses, confuse) the driver.
29. Neither the hours nor the pay (are, is) satisfactory to most of the employees.
30. The gentleness of these dogs (makes, make) them excellent pets for young children.
31. The simplest and most effective training (is, are) given by example.
32. The best feature of this magazine (are, is) the pictures of important news events.
33. I am the only one of Mark's friends who (has, have) never had the mumps.
34. The boat, together with the outboard motor, (was, were) sold to a neighbor.
35. The team (was, were) taking up (their, its) various positions on the field.
36. There (were, was) some years when the farmers lost money and had to borrow from the bank.
37. It was one of those programs that (is, are) constantly interrupted by commercials.
38. About one out of every three of our graduates now (goes, go) to college.
39. Television studios produce more shows in a week than Hollywood or Broadway (turns, turn) out in a year.
40. The bad condition of the streets (are, is) a disgrace to the city.
41. Either of these books (give, gives) the information you want.
42. The principal export of the islands (is, are) pineapples.
43. Neither the students nor the teacher (sees, see) the test in advance.
44. The good fishing and hunting (attracts, attract) many vacationers.
45. One of these plants (doesn't, don't) need much watering.
46. This is one of those desserts that (requires, require) no cooking.
47. There (is, are) very few rust spots on the car.
48. Can you tell me where the box of stamps (is, are)?
49. Not one of the strawberries (was, were) fit to eat.
50. A quick start or a quick stop (wastes, waste) gasoline.
51. Their furniture, as well as their house, (is, are) for sale.
52. There (was, were) only seventeen cents left in our treasury.
53. The entire class (was, were) excused from the examination.
54. How much (is, are) your best tennis rackets?
55. Castor oil (is, are) made from that kind of beans.
56. (does, do) one of your cousins own a ranch in Colorado?
57. Motors (is, are) Leslie's main interest in life.
58. The quality of the programs (has, have) greatly improved.
59. A suit with that kind of pockets (does, do) not interest me.
60. The class (was, were) comparing their scores on the math test.
61. The conflicting reports of the accident (confuses, confuse) everyone.
62. Either baking soda or ammonia (relieves, relieve) mosquito bites.
63. This is one of those stories that (keeps, keep) you guessing.
64. (has, have) any one of our neighbors complained about the barking?
65. How much (is, are) the small loose-leaf notebooks?
66. My father or my elder brother (doesn't, don't) care to play bridge.
67. Neither the mayor nor the townspeople (wants, want) to raise taxes.
68. There (was, were) only two good acts in the entire show.
69. Five feet of steel pipe (connects, connect) the two tanks.
70. The size and quality of a diamond (determines, determine) its price.
71. A suit with that kind of shoes (interests, interest) me.
72. There (is, are) a lot of snow this year.
73. There (is, are) a lot of snowfalls this year.
74. Both of my parents (speak, speaks) Spanish.
75. Each of these pictures (tells, tell) a story.
76. (Do, Does) one of these keys fit the front door?
77. There (was, were) no drugstores open at that hour.
78. It was one of those ads that (fool, fools) the public.
70. There (was, were) no other customers in the store.
80. No one (understands, understand) children better than she.
82. Each of the rooms (has, have) air conditioning.
83. One of my friends (has, have) just returned from Alaska.
84. It is one of those early cars that (runs, run) on steam.
85. (Does, Do) one of your parents speak French?
86. The president and host (greets, greet) guests at the door.
87. The president and the host (greets, greet) guests at the door.
88. The Joneses or the Grays (plans, plan) to move this month.
89. The number of errors (is, are) small.
90. A number of errors (is, are) found in the report.
91. A number of the power lines (is, are) down because of the wind.
92. The council (is, are) in favour of athletic activities.
93. The group of administrative assistants (is, are) being met in the board room.
94. The camp counselor, as well as the boys, (is, are) swimming.
95. Maths (is, are) difficult for some students.
96. All co-workers but Dave (is, are) to be here for the in-service.
97. Our CEO, together with board members, (hires, hire) all employees.
98. Attending the seminar (is, are) accountants from Wisconsin.
99. (is, are) either of the Web sites working?
100. Your trousers (needs, need) to be cleaned.
101. Even though the students like the class, a few (thinks, think) that it is too complicated.