Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
  Fill in the blanks with must or had to or will have to:

1. Both sisters must (to be) ashamed of having spoken as they had in front of a third person.
2. Fred knew that the girl's father was a draper and had four assistants. "He must (to do) well," he said to her. "He doesn't complain," said the girl.
3. The night porter was very good-looking and it must (to take) him a half-hour to comb his hair into such shining black perfection.
4. "You must (to be) right," I said.
5. They must (to hear) that the fellow was in London.
6. But at last he rose realizing dully that he had work which he must (to do).
7. He had a faint feeling of satisfaction in the thought that Mait must (to wonder) why they had gone off together.
8. I must (to sit) there for a quarter of an hour waiting and
thinking about it before I saw the letter.
9. "His relatives do not think so." "Then they must (to be) a lot
of damned fools."
10. Mrs Cromwell took us round the yacht. There was no doubt that it must (to cost) her a lot of money.
11. He had said that he himself was an admirer of Stendhal. This must (to influence) him in making his decision.
12. At half past two I heard Hudson grunt, put down his book and switch out the light. He must (to read) since midnight.
13. "I must (to get) old," she said, "to be talking like that."
14. There were a lot of mirrors that must (to buy) at the sale of some old restaurant.
15. When I jumped up the thing fell off my knee. It must (to lie) there yet.