Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
Ex.. Use the required form of the Infinitive after may (might) in the following sentences:

1. On the whole there was less said than might (to expect).
2.Don't turn on the light. This fellow may (to lurk) outside the house door.
3. You've acquired a great deal of experience. You might (to write) a book.
4. There was no sign of John in the street. Of course, I said to myself, he might (to detain) at his office.
5."Who said Mr Sorrel had gone to America?" "He might (to tell) it himself."
6. Strickland is very ill. He may (to die).
7. Jack had the feeling that Maurice might one day (to break) down.
8. But what you tell me may not (to be) true.
9.I was deeply shocked and worried. "It is no easy matter to find the man," the doctor said to me. He might (to read) my thoughts.
10. He may not (to want) to become a publisher in the first place, but once he had taken it up the profession had appeared to absorb all his interests.
11. Mr Fox said something about it once, but I might not (to understand) him properly.
12. "Then why on earth all this secrecy?" "One never knows who may (to listen)."