Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
  Revision: fill in the blanks with can (could) or may (might):

1. When they told me I was cured and go, I tell you I was more afraid than glad.
2. His letter have given them the idea.
3. His knee touched the bottom. He crawled further and at last lay full length on the pebbles. He now felt so tired he not under­stand how a moment ago he have been capable of swimming.
4. You've done me a great service. I knew I trust you.
5. Her mother said she play with me if she wished.
6. He's a nice boy. I'm glad you brought him out here. We have some fun.
7. He looked at the lighted window of the cottage. He see into a kitchen where two women were sitting by the table drinking tea.
8. She has attractive eyes. There's something about them that holds you. She have been pretty once.
9. When he married her she not have been more than sixteen.
10. He boasted and told the most extraordinary stories which I'm sure not possibly have been true.
11. She not think what he was doing. Something have hap­pened to him.
12. You not have proved that I wrote the letter because I didn't.
13. It never occurred to me that I get measles.
14. I was just going to tell you — because of the storm I not be home tonight.
15. That is exactly what he did say. But I won't talk any more about it. He not have been himself.
16. "To my mind she is a beautiful woman." "Well, yes. But I don't see what you have found to say to her."
17. He hurled the heavy thing down the stairs. It made an extraor­dinary noise in its descent and woke Joe sleeping in his pram. The only thing I say to that was: "You have killed Joe."
18. "I see one of my statuettes has been broken." "I not think what have happened to it."
19. He thought it likely that Blair have got away unnoticed,
20. It was dark and I only see the glimmer of his face.
21. You have acted very irresponsibly and you find yourself in serious trouble.
22. After all we don't even know if your sister is proposing to stay in London. She be just passing through on her way to somewhere else.
23. One not get anything done nowadays.
24. "Come inside in front of the fire where you warm up," she said quickly.
25. But I really feel that the late Mr Evans not have been a nice man.
26. Listen. I know I be making a fool of myself, but then again, I be not.
27. I confessed that I not swim unless somebody held me.
28. She was smartly, quietly dressed, and have been taken for a clever business woman.
29. It was one of those days when nobody tell whether it was going to rain.
30. I was driving along when I spotted a telephone box and thought I as well give you a call.
31. Jeff said, "Why on earth did Ken say he shot that dog? He not possibly have done it."
32. I don't know why he did it. He lost his wife lately. That have been it.
33. "Aunt Mary said she hadn't seen him." "She have been lying. Perhaps your father asked her to say he wasn't there."
34. I'm tired of listening to him tell me why it not be done.
35. I ask then, Mr Morley, what you were doing there?
36. I wished to be rid of my companion, and said, "Thank you. I look after myself now."
37. I thought you'd be staying in town for a night at least; and we have had a dinner and theatre.
38. We shall require, Mr Grey, to have a copy of this story. How soon you provide this?
39. Mrs Castle looks familiar to me. Where I have met her?