Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
  Task. Use the required form of the infinitive after can (could) in the following sentences:

1. Her face was quite unlined and she could not (to be) more than thirty.
2. I'm wondering if something can (to do) about it.
3.Her friend said quickly: "I know where you can (to get) your bicycle fixed."
4. "You couldn't (to worry) too much," Jack was tempted to say, "if you're still out at one thirty in the morning."
5. It's impossible. He can't (to do) it.
6. There wasn't anything wrong with tea. There couldn't (to be) .
7. Harry's story disappointed him because if the girl had been with him at half past eight she couldn't (to be) at Hexley at the same time.
8. She lay, raised up rather high upon the pillow, her eyes closed and her hair undone. She could not (to sleep) , though it would have been hard to say quite how this was evident.
9. "Have you seen anything of Roberta lately?" "Not for ages. I don't know what she can (to do) ."
10. He couldn't (to hear) the news at dinner because his sister
hadn't arrived yet.
11. I can easily (to walk) to the railway station.
12. For several seconds Bolt stared at her, terrified. "1 can't (to die) . I don't want to die."