Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
  Revision: fill in the blanks with correct forms of can (be able), may or must:
1."Will you know where to go?" "Yes, thank you. I always ask my brother."
2. "Didn't she hear our shouting?" "She says she heard nothing." "She have wandered a long way."
3. What he have meant when he said it?
4.He hesitated and said, "I go to South America. As a tea planter." I said, "I be wrong, Jason, but I don't think they grow tea in South America."
5. He have flown off after he dropped us. He not land here. Not in a plane with wheels.
6. "I'd give anything to meet that fellow." "We see what be done."
7.Cindy have laughed aloud. Instead, she nodded.
8. You hardly have been more surprised than I was.
9.The old man cupped his ear in his palm. "I think I be getting deaf. I not hear you.''
10. "There was someone on the phone for you," he said. "Oh, who?" "I don't know, he didn't say. Some man." "It have been Mike." "I know Mike. It wasn't Mike." "Oh. Then I not think who it have been."
11. Mr Fox not come. He sent me to represent him.
12.I went straight from the station to the club and played bil­liards. It have been after eleven when I reached the flat.
13. Oh, you drink things steaming! you eat eggs with the shells on, too?
14. She was beginning to want to ask him in but she knew that she not do it yet.
15. It's a most interesting story. He not possibly have invented it. You have told him something.
16. I've other things to attend to which be put through immedi­ately.
17.I admire your mother's looks. She have been a lovely girl.
18.The apples are very good. You eat them all.
19. My wife leave the hospital in a week's time.
20. My wife to leave the hospital a few days ago.
21. I'm trying to think where he have gone.
22. Of course it occurred to me that if he had found the watch as he said, it have been lying in the garden for more than a year.
23. He began absently to eat one of the buttered biscuits. He'd lose his appetite if his wife didn't hurry up. She be talking to Frau Schmidt.
24. A day or two later Mrs Strickland sent me a note asking if I go and see her that evening after dinner.
25. "I don't know why he did it." "It have amused him."
26. "You know, I'm a bit of a writer myself in a small way." "What are you writing? A novel?" "Oh, come off it. I not write a novel. No, it's a sort of history of the regiment, as a matter of fact."
27. "He's up in Barbie's room. He's decorating it with shells. He have brought in a ton."
28. "She's gone out. Something awful have happened." "How she have got out? The door is locked."
29. I'm going to tell him that he not do any building here.
30.They say the driver have been going fifty miles round that blind corner for the body to have been thrown and injured like it was.
31.She looked unusually pale and gloomy. I wondered what have upset her.
32." you drive a car, Mooey?" "Yes, indeed I ," he answered.
33. You be very prosperous, Eustace, to own a car like that.
34.Obviously Haviland had worked late the night before, as he have done for several nights in a row, because he looked drawn and pale.
35.The water of the pool have been heated for it steamed gently in the beams of the lamps.
36. Mr Hardy takes a lot of aspirin. He have had at least twelve tablets during the day.
37.The man danced very well. He have spent hours taking lessons, Jack thought.
38."At least I want to keep my mind occupied." "You get a good book and read it."
39. We not exaggerate the situation.
40. "I thought the English were great lovers of dogs." "We think Americans love dollars, but there be exceptions."