Fill in the blanks with the proper gerunds and infinitives of the verbs.

1. She asked me (say) something about my school.
2. Tony, please ask your friends (not run) in the hallways. It' dangerous.
3. I often help my mother (do) some cleaning.
4. Would you like (have) a cup of coffee?
5. She wants (buy) a book about animals.
6. Please tell him (finish) his homework today.
7. He is the last one (go) home.
8. It’s time (have) classes.
9. My teacher asks me (stand) up.
10. - Do you need (order) some milk for breakfast? - Yes, I do.
11. It’s so nice (meet) you here.
12. I’m sorry (tell) you the bad news.
13. It took me ten minutes (walk) to school.
14. Would you like something (drink)?
15. I’m very hungry. I’d like something (eat).
16. They have a lot of books (read).
17. He’d like (come) over to your house.
18. Would you like (have) something to eat?
19. Could you please (close) the door for me?
20. The boy is trying (climb) the tree. That girl wants (go) (skate).
21. Lin Ping is a very funny boy. He can make your baby (stop) crying.
22. Why don’t you let your son (join) the football team?
23. The young people are watching the singer (sing) at the theater.
24. Her father asks her brother (not waste) time.
25. He will have to get up (meet) his friends tomorrow morning.
26. The man is going to buy a computer (search) the Internet.
27. Could you give him something (do)?
28. He has many clothes (wash).
29. The teacher is showing the students how (use) a computer.
30. We don’t know where (find) a book about sharks.
31. The girl can’t decide which sweater (buy).
32. Linda always helps me (study) math in my home.
33. Robots help people (do) a lot of things.
34. (keep) our city clean is very important.
35. You look so tired. You should stop (have) a rest.
36. Tom, please stop (make) so much noise. You will disturb others.
37. Don’t stop (sing)! You have a beautiful voice. You can keep (sing) here. I like (listen) to your voice.
38. We enjoy (help) other students in class.
39. I finished (practise) my piano an hour ago.
40. Betty is busy (talk) with the famous actor.
41. I’m good at (cook), and I do well in (cook) Japanese food.
42. What about (have) a party this weekend?
43. How about (do) some reading in the library this night?
44. Thank you for (give) me such beautiful flowers.
45. Jennifer has gone back to her country without (say) goodbye to us.
46. When I passed the classroom, I heard someone (read) English loudly.
47. I often hear Lucy (sing) songs in her bedroom.
48. The famous pianist saw a little boy (play) the piano in the hall.
49. Maggie always sees some boy (play) soccer on the playground.
50. We enjoy (go) (surf) in summer.
51. I spent three hours in (read) this novel.
52. It took me three hours to (finish) the task.
53. On Sundays, I help my mother do some (clean).
54. I like to go (shop) with my best friends on the weekend.
55. My father often goes (fish) by bike.
56. Some kids want to go (boat) in the park this afternoon.
57. - Do many students do some (write) in the classroom? - No, they don’t. They usually read books in the library.
58. I’ve got used to (eat) the food in China. And I find it is quite delicious.
59. My father used (live) in the countryside. Now he lives in a big city.
60. Knives are used for (cut) things.
61. Many people like (take) a walk after dinner.
62. Mr. Green prefers (go) out for a walk to (stay) at home.
63. Mr. Green prefers (go) out for a walk rather than (stay) at home.
64. Would you mind (open) the windows. It’s hot in the room.
65. I made up my mind (study) hard at my spoken English.
66. Many countries are trying to find good ways (protect) the wild animals.
67. (protect) the environment is what everyone should do.
68. If everyone makes a contribution to (protect) the environment, our country will become more and more beautiful.
69. I’m really sorry (have) kept you (wait) so long!
70. Don’t forget (turn) off the lights when you leave the room.
71. Please remember (call) me as soon as you get home.
72. His parents often encourage him (regard) problems as challenges.
73. The little girl was too frightened (say) a word.
74. I haven’t seen my friends for years. I’m relly looking forward to (meet) them.
75. Students should learn (deal) with the problems by themselves.
76. When she heard the news. She couldn't help (jump) with joy.
77. He looks exhausted. He seems (have) caught a cold.
78. She pretended (not see) me when I came into the room.
79. Oh, Danny. It's raining outside, You'd better (put) on your raincoat.
80. Those workers were made (work) the whole night.
81. Bob was seen (walk) with a beautiful girl in the park yesterday.
82. - What’s your plan for the summer vacation? - Oh, I’m so tired. I’ve decided (go) to the beach and have a relaxing holiday.