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In a Small Town

Toscanini was great musician. He lived in America. Once he came to very small town. In one of windows of house he saw piece of paper. He came up to window and read:

Mrs. Smith
music lessons
two dollars lesson.

Suddenly Toscanini heard music. " Somebody is playing Tchaikovsky," he thought.
"It must be Mrs. Smith. She's not very good musician. She does not play Tchaikovsky well. I must show her how to play it."
He went up to door of house and knocked.
music stopped, and in moment woman opened door.
"Are you Mrs. Smith?" asked Toscanini. "My name is Toscanini, and I want to show you how to play Tchaikovsky."
Mrs. Smith was very happy to meet great musician and asked him to come in.
Toscanini played Tchaikovsky for her and went away.
next year Toscanini had to visit same town again. When he came up to house where he had played Tchaikovsky, he again saw piece of paper. Now he read:

Mrs. Smith
The pupil of Toscanini
music lessons
four dollars lesson.

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