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Text 1

Mississippi River and tributaries form world's fourth-longest river system. two Canadian provinces and all or parts of 31 states in United States have rivers that drain into Mississippi. As Mississippi River flows down to join sea, it deposits sand, silt, and clay, building delta seaward across Louisiana's shallow continental shelf. delta marsh and bays, lakes, and sounds provide shelter and nutrients for North America's most fertile marine nursery.

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hygiene was almost unheard of in Europe during Middle Ages. Consequently millions of people died during various epidemics which raged through Europe. worst outbreak of plague, called Black Death, struck between years 1347 and 1351. populations of thousands of villages were wiped out. In fact it is thought that about one third of all people in Europe perished during Black Death.

Text 3

It was during search for new route to India, that Columbus reached America. Although he made discovery in 1492 it took little over hundred years for people to finally settle in New World. Some settlers hoped to escape from problems of Old World by immigrating to New. reports that excellent crops could be produced in Virginia induced many more people to make long journey. America was not researched for India but it offered settlers new and potentially rich new life.

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Every year game manufacturers introduce many new games to public. These are designed to puzzle, preoccupy, frustrated and delight millions of fun-seekers around world, who roll dice, pick card, guess quote or buy property according to game. Very popular on market in recent years have been ones which test player's general knowledge.