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Geography of United States


United States of America is located on North American continent.
western third of country consists mainly of high plateau broken by numerous mountain ranges, chief of which are Rocky Mountains. To west of this region lie Great Plains. This is region of very flat ground extending from Canadian border to Gulf of Mexico and eastward as far as Appalachian Mountains. Appalachians are range of low mountains and hills running parallel to Atlantic Coast and about one to two hundred miles in land.
Along center of Great Plains, flowing south from Canadian border to Gulf of Mexico is Mississippi River. This river together with Missouri which joins it from west and Ohio which joins it from east, forms central river system of United States. In north are five Great Lakes — Lake Superior, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario which empty into Atlantic Ocean through St. Lawrence River. Colorado River in southwest and Colombia in northwest are other principal rivers of country.
climate of country is typical to other large continental areas in temperature zone. It is very warm in summer and in all of it except south is cold in winter. west, and especially southwest, is very dry.
capital of United States, Washington, D. C. is not located in any state, but lies between states of Maryland and Virginia. principal cities of (the) U.S. are New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, Los Angeles and Cleveland. population of United States is not evenly spread over country, but is concentrated largely in east.
heart of American agriculture is the "corn-belt", belt of very fertile land extending from Nebraska eastwards as far as Pennsylvania. In this area principal crop is corn. West of corn-belt is wheat-belt extending north and south from Texas to North Dakota and into Canada.
principal products of south are cotton and tobacco although corn is also grown here. agriculture of California, because of its favorable climate, is confined largely to special crops, such as citrus crops and grapes.
mineral deposit of U.S. are concentrated largely among Appalachian Mountains. There are, however, important oil-fields in Texas, Oklahoma and California, and important iron mines in Minnesota. Because of overwhelming concentration of minerals in northeastern part of U.S. manufacturing is also concentrated there.