Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
EX.4 Articles and possessive adjectives

Insert "a", "an", "the", or "my", "his", "her", "our", "your", "their" and "-" for zero and no article if necessary.

1. He took off coat and set to work.
2. Why are you standing there with hands in pockets?
3. At most meetings people vote by raising right hands.
4. The bullet struck him in foot.
5. They tied hands behind back and locked him in a cellar.
6. He took shoes off and entered on tiptoe.
7. Someone threw egg which struck the speaker on shoulder.
8. I have headache.
9. I have pain in shoulder.
10. The windscreen was smashed and the driver was cut in face by broken glass.
11. He was very tall man with dark hair and small beard, but I couldn't see eyes because he was wearing dark glasses.
12. He tore trousers getting over a barbed wire fence.
13. Brother and sister were quite unlike each other. He had fair wavy hair; hair was dark and straight.
14. She pulled sleeve to attract his attention.
15. She pulled him by sleeve.
16. 'Hands up!' said the masked man, and we all put hands up.
17. Ask woman in front of you to take off hat.
18. He stroked chin thoughtfully.
19. If you're too hot why don't you take off coat?
20. I saw him raise right hand and take oath.
21. The lioness bit him in leg.
22. You should change wet shoes, or you'll catch another cold.
23. There was a shot and a policeman came out with blood running down face.
24. We shook hands with host.
25. He fell off his horse and injured back.
26. The barman seized the drunk by collar.
27. Leave coats in cloakroom; don't bring them into theatre.
28. He fell down a flight of stairs and broke rib.
29. He pointed to a woman in green dress.
30. He is thoroughly selfish man; he wouldn't lift finger to help anyone.
31. You'll strain eyes, if you read in bad light.
32. She was on knees, scrubbing kitchen floor.
33. He has horrible job; I wouldn't like to be in shoes.
34. You've got shirt on inside out.
35. 'Pull up socks,' said his mother.
36. I hit thumb with a hammer when I was hanging the picture.