Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
Ex.2 Articles:
Insert "the" if necessary and "-" for the zero or no article.

1. youngest boy has just started going to school; eldest boy is at college.
2. She lives on top floor of an old house. When wind blows, all windows rattle.
3. darkness doesn't worry cats; cats can see in dark.
4. My little boys say that they want to be spacemen, but most of them will probably end up in less dramatic jobs.
5. - Do you know time?
- Yes, clock in hall has just struck nine.
- Then it isn't time to go yet.
6. - He was sent to prison for six months for shop-lifting. When six months are over he'll be released; difficulty then will be to find work.
- Do you go to prison to visit him?
7. I went to school to talk to headmistress. I persuaded her to let Ann give up gymnastics and take ballet lessons instead.
8. ballet isn't much use for girls; it is much better to be able to play piano.
9. I am on night duty. When you go to bed, I go to work.
10. Peter's at office but you could get him on phone. There's a telephonebox just round corner.
11. - He got bronchitis and was taken to hospital. I expect they'll send him home at end of week.
- Have you rung hospital to ask how he is?
12. Ann's habit of riding a motorcycle up and down road early in morning annoyed neighbours and in end they took her to court.
13. He first went to sea in a Swedish ship, so as well as learning navigation he had to learn Swedish.
14. family hotels are hotels which welcome parents and children.
15. On Sundays my father stays in bed till ten o'clock, reading Sunday papers.
16. Then he gets up, puts on old clothes, has breakfast and starts work in garden.
17. My mother goes to church in morning, and in afternoon goes to visit friends.
18. Like many women, she loves tea parties and gossip.
19. My parents have cold meat and salad for supper, in winter and summer.
20. During meal, he talks about garden and she tells him village gossip.
21. We have a very good train service from here to city centre and most people go to work by train. You can go by bus too, of course, but you can't get a season ticket on bus.
22. dead no longer need help. We must concern ourselves with living. We must build houses and schools and playgrounds.
23. - I'd like to see Mr Smith please.
- Do you mean Mr Smith who works in box office or other Mr Smith?
24. - Did you come by air?
- No, I came by sea. I had a lovely voyage on Queen Elizabeth II.
25. most of stories that people tell about Irish aren't true.
26. married couples with children often rent cottages by seaside for summer holidays. men hire boats and go for trips along coast; children spend day on beach and poor mothers spend most of time doing cooking and cleaning.
27. It's usually safe to walk on sand, but here, when tide is coming in, sand becomes dangerously soft people have been swallowed up by it.
28. When Titanic was crossing Atlantic she struck an iceberg which tore a huge hole in her bow. captain ordered crew to help passengers into boats.
29. Everywhere man has cut down forests in order to cultivate ground, or to use wood as fuel or as building material.
30. But interference with nature often brings disaster; tree-felling sometimes turns fertile land into a dust bowl.
31. people think that lead is heaviest metal, but gold is heavier.
32. Our air hostess said, " rack is only for light articles. heavy things such as bottles must be put on floor."
33. windows are supposed to let in light; but windows of this house are so small that we have to have electric light on all time.
34. There'll always be a conflict between old and young. young people want change but old people want things to stay same.
35. power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
36. You can fool some of people all time, and all people some of time; but you cannot fool all people all time.