Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.

Donald and Gloria are looking for a place to live. Last week they saw an apartment on Grant Street that Donald liked very much. This week they're looking at an apartment on Brighton Boulevard that Gloria likes better.

Gloria: The living room in the Grant Street apartment is so small, and this one is much (large) Also, the kitchen in the Grant Street apartment is so dark, and this one is much (light).

Donald: That's true. But the Grant Street apartment is cheap, and this one is far (expensive)

Gloria: No Wonder! That's because the Grant Street apartment is old and ugly, and this one is much (new) and (pretty). The Grant Street yard is so little, and this yard is much (big).

Donald: But don't you think the superintendent at the Brighton Boulevard apartment is a little lazy? I'm sure the Grant Street superintendent is much (energetic). And I think the Brighton Boulevard landlord is stingy. The one on Grant Street is far (generous).

Gloria: You might be right. But Grant Street is so narrow and dirty, and Brighton Boulevard is much (wide)and (clean).

Donald: I agree. But the Brighton Boulevard neighbors are so unfriendly, and the Grant Street neighbors
are much (hospitable). Don't you think that living on Brighton Boulevard is going to be boring? I'm sure that living on Grant Street will be far (interesting).

Gloria: Hmm. What do you think we should do?

Donald: I don't know. I guess we should look at the apartment on School Street before we decide.


Last night my sister Frieda and I went out to a restaurant for dinner and to the ballet.
I thought the restaurant was wonderful, but my sister thought it was the (bad) restaurant she had ever been to. I thought the food was delicious and exciting, but Frieda thought it was the (plain) food she had ever eaten.
After dinner, we took a taxi to the theater. I thought the taxi was fast, but my sister thought it was the (slow) taxi she had ever taken. I thought the taxi driver was polite and careful. Frieda thought he was the (impolite) and the (dangerous) taxi driver she had ever met.
At the ballet, my sister thought the dancers were clumsy, but I thought they were the (graceful) and the (talented) dancers I had ever seen. Frieda thought the theater was ugly, but I thought it was the (beautiful) theater I had ever seen. I thought the seats were soft and comfortable, but my sister thought they were the (hard) and the (uncomfortable) seats she had ever sat in. Frieda thought
the ballet was boring, but I thought it was the (interesting) ballet I had ever been to.
My sister Frieda complained so much that she made me have a terrible time, but I really think she had the (bad) time of all.

Do you think that getting a better job is difficult? Well, it won't be difficult at all if you come to the Gold Star Business School. Well help you get a better job much (easily) and far (quickly) than you think.
Our fine teachers will teach you to read much (fast), write much (neatly) and answer the telephone much (politely) than you do now. Our teachers will also prepare you to make business decisions much (carefully) and get along with your boss much (good). Before you finish our classes, you'll be able to hire employees much (easily) and complete your income tax forms much more accurately (accurately than you do now. And that's not all! Our teachers can also give you advice about how to work much (energetically) and look at life much (enthusiastically). You'll find that getting a new job is really easy with the help of the Gold Star Business School!


Complete the sentences.

(graceful) 1. Since I started taking dancing lessons, I've been dancing much ._ Soon I'll be the dancer in my class.
(experienced) 2. I'm going to call Mr. Chen. He's plumber I can find.
(accurate) 3. Bill doesn't type as as he used to because he's stopped paying attention.
(sturdy) 4. I really like your new briefcase. It's than mine.
(good) 5. That's book I've ever read.
(energetic) 6. Taking vitamins will help you work much .
(bad) 7. I had a very day yesterday. It was day I've ever had.
(nutritious) 8. My doctor recommends eating fruit because it's than candy.
(fast) 9. If you want to get home before 3:00, you'll have to work much .
(enthusiastic) 10. Tim lives life no than any other person I know.
(good) 11. I don't play the piano as Ronald does, but I play than Walter.
(clear) 12. Our mathematics teacher explained our last lesson very .
(quick) 13. The Gold Star Business School will help you get a job much than you think.
(big) 14. Sally is growing up. She's much she was last year.