Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.

This prefix means "NOT", "IN REVERSE"
to open (a parcel, door, etc.) by this means undo
to disturb the balance or equilibrium of unbalance
This prefix means "NOT", "AWAY"
to fail to agree; be different; differ disagree
to break up (an association or organization) disband

This prefix means "NOT", "ON THE CONTRARY"
beyond belief; astounding; incredible unbelievable
contrary to fact or truth; false or incorrect untrue
IN- / IM- (M,P) / IL- (L) / IR- (R)
This prefix means "NOT", "THE OPPOSITE"
extremely valuable; having value too great to measure; priceless invaluable
not mortal; deathless; living or lasting forever immortal
not capable of being, being done, or happening impossible
not logical or reasonable; using, based on, or caused by faulty reasoning illogical
not conforming to established rule, method, usage, standard, etc.; out of the ordinary irregular

Change the words in capital letters into the appropriate form adding un-, im-, in-, il-, ir- for negative adjectives; un- and dis- for negative verbs

1. Luckily, most of the scars have . APPEAR
2. John was for three months. EMPLOYED
3. I underlined the words that were . CORRECT
4. His reasoning seemed to be . LOGICAL
5. Susan can’t wait for you because she is very . PATIENT
6. I'm afraid they have you. UNDERSTAND
7. My sister always with me. AGREE
8. It's that the bus was late and we didn't manage to get to school on time. FORTUNATE
9. His last album really his fans. APPOINT
10. I didn’t read all of the book because I found it . INTERESTING
11. If you want to take this jacket off, you should it first. BUTTON
12. I don't know what her reply is, I've been . CONNECT
13. The street had an group of buildings. REGULAR
14. His father was practically . LITERATE
15. If he can do the job well, his age is . RELEVANT
16. Thank you so much for your help! VALUABLE
17. It is for me to do such a thing. POSSIBLE
18. Many stars are to the naked eye. VISIBLE
19. This wood is for furniture. PROPER
20. He tried to his falling holdings (падающие в цене акции) onto someone else. LOAD
21. I'll be back at 5.30, if it is not for you. CONVENIENT
22. She's very shy and feels with strangers. COMFORTABLE
23. Fruit is still when transported. MATURE
24. It’s was the most season of the year. HEALTHY
25. May I for a moment? APPEAR
26. This has been systematically . REGARD
27. This photograph is him. LIKE
28. In the hotel room she started to her trunk. PACK
29. The machine can be completely . ASSEMBLE
30. Bathing a baby is an task. TIDY
31. You are to him. FAIR
32. We found the ring in a most place. LIKELY
33. They have to do something about entrants to this country. LEGAL
34. His remark baffled us. POLITE