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Listening Task 11

It's strange how things seem to happen to some people and how they are always involved in unusual events. Alan is one of those people. Almost unbelievable things have happened to him. When you hear this story you will think, perhaps, that it couldn't possibly be true, but it is. You will notice that Alan mentions 'a yellow hat'. In fact, it is more accurate to say that a traffic warden's hat is black and yellow.

get over
rid of
of old
on earth
look down her nose
go straight home
double yellow lines
a cat-lover
a carrier-bag
charged over the planks
puffed-up and huffed-up
on end
Here are some points for you to track the idea of the story:

1. Bob told Alan that he knew the road of old.
2. Sam remarked that he hoped Alan wasn't a cat-lover.
3. Alan asked at the butcher's if they could sell him a carrier-bag and enquired how much it was.
4. Alan requested the traffic warden to go back to his car with him.
5. Alan accused the woman of having his carrier-bag.
6. Alan accused the woman of having taken the bag from the back of his car.
7. Alan asked the butcher to get an ambulance.