Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
PART 1. Insert the necessary postpositives:

1. Yet turning on to the other side praying for sleep, I hoped for a word that would put it right
2. "I'm sorry you heard that", he said. "You can see why one has to turn so many pupils?"
3. Martha had turned the place a boarding house in order to raise money to meet the taxes.
4. When the Chief Librarian retired his deputy expected to get the post, but he was turned in favour of someone from outside.
5. He was always having to turn the tenants , I remember.
6. Then one morning, turning a pocket I came across a slip of paper form the bank recording the transaction with the five pound note.
7. It was a record always turned for the benefit of newcomers.
8. She was a singularly muddle-headed woman and how she man­aged too turn coherent stories was beyond him.
9. Mr Hynes took off bis hat, shook it and then turned the collar of his coat
10. "Why not?" Erik turned him. "I'd like to know, why not?"
11. Evidence turned later, which proved that he was innocent.
12. What man would have turned his own child , like a dog, on such a night?
13. He turned it in his mind and considered.
14. I'll just put things straight in the dinning-room, and then I'll turn .
15. The Commandant must have turned the radio and sat quietly.
16. Since lunchtime I've been turning the rooms upstairs.
17. She turned Arthur: "You bastard. You dirty bastard".
18. If he didn't buy a farm, it couldn't turn badly.
19. The corners of the small mouth turned and it gave him an expression of agonized bewilderment.
20. Since being demobbed I've worked in a factory turning doors and window frames.
21. "He's all right", said Dartie. "Ten to one if he wasn't tight". Gorge turned him, looking really formidable, with a sort of savage gloom on his big face.
22. As for Thomas, the longer he lived, the less he cared for the world. He turned his face from it.
23. She did not answer and he turned , for he saw coming towards them two persons, a man and his wife, who had been fellow-passengers from Singapore.
24. She looked quickly over at him, coming to her feet, turning already.
25. And while I was turning this in my mind an army major in my carriage suddenly sighed and said: "My word, I wish I was back in Hong Kong".

PART 2. Insert the necessary phrasal verbs in the form of the bare infinitive:

1. Эта фабрика выпускает широкий ассортимент товаров.
2. Рассказ получился (оказался) длинным, его следует сократить.
3. Вы должны все обдумать, прежде чем обращаться к нему по этому вопросу.
4. Не беспокойтесь, ваша книга найдется.
5. Он появился в последнюю минуту, когда все уже перестали ждать его.
6. Где Петр? — Он уже лег спать, он очень устал сегодня.
7. Пусти горячую воду, ты быстрее смоешь грязь.
8. Ребята превратили этот сарай в настоящую крепость.
9. Она набросилась на меня за то, что я не выключила свет вечером.
10. Девочка так много читает, мне просто приходится выпроваживать ее гулять.
11. Сотни шахтеров были уволены в связи с закрытием шахты.
12. Если вы приняли какое-то решение, нельзя отступать от него.
13. Его не приняли на работу, так как считали, что он недостаточно опытен.
14. Опустите, пожалуйста, поля вашей шляпы, вам не идут поля вверх.
15. Опрокинь, пожалуйста, банки, они так скорее высохнут.
16. Сделай потише магнитофон. Уже поздно и мы, возможно, беспокоим соседей.