Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
PART 1. Insert the necessary postpositives:

1. Don't let things run you, though, Brodie.
2. I'm afraid if I once let it get started, it will run me.
3. And he tries to prevent himself from speculating whether he or his heart would run first
4. A current of anticipation ran the audience.
5. "You have a housekeeper here?" "Oh, no, one doesn't run niceties of that kind nowadays".
6. Don't bother me while I'm reading; run and play.
7. Don't run ; I've something to say to you.
8. I told them that my car was outside, that I had run petrol.
9. What would they say of her in the Stores when they found out she had run with a fellow?
10. He could run and pick flowers.
11. You don't look like the kind of person who continually runs himself in order to have other people reassure him that he's important.
12. Martin ran the pages of his manuscript book.
13. He had run no man in his life and he now swore a solemn oath that he would never do so.
14. Yes. Died in St. Bridget's Hospital last Tuesday. Run by a lorry — only lived a few hours.
15. You are extremely ran , of course. I'm not sure that I oughtn't to tell you that you are dangerously run .
16. Here is ten pounds; when you have run that, let me know, and I may let you have some more.
17. Yes, it was a pity, you ran her.
18. "I've run some trouble", I said "Serious?" "I expect I'll get out of it".
19. Will you run this essay for me, and tell me what you think of it?
20. "You let me just run you like this", I cried.
21. I don't want your husband to run the idea that I've anything against the Gue Club as such.
22. My tongue ran , and I said it was a transformation.
23. "We'll have you run for drunken driving", said Fred.
24. The clock has run because you didn't wind it up.
25. My salary won't run holidays abroad.
26. While he was walking along the street at Folkestone, Kipps was run by a cyclist
27. I intend to use my car as much as I can for the next week or so, to run it more quickly.
28. Dave tries to run .
29. He ran matches and was afraid that his fire would go out.
30. "What happened to Prince (a dog)?" "We were down on the farm in Connecticut and he got run ".
31. "Do you remember a case about ten days ago — a man run by a lorry?" "The fellow who snatched a child practically from under the wheels of a lorry, and got run himself?''
32. Got your two bob ready? Well, there's good management for you: before Perce comes back with his Friday money and everything. First year I was married, we always used to run about Wednes­day.
33. I had the fear that I might somewhere run butane gas, and how would I read in bed then?
34. It would probably run 1,500,000 dollars by the end of next year when the chapel will be opened to the public.

PART 2. Insert the necessary phrasal verbs in the form of the bare infinitive:

1. Вы лучше еще раз просмотрите контрольную работу, прежде чем сдать ее.
2. В тумане наш теплоход наскочил на маленькую рыбацкую лодку.
3. "У меня лопнуло терпение. Он промотал все деньги, которые у нас были. Я больше не могу с этим мириться", — сказала Уинифред.
4. Я не могу себе позволить такие расходы сейчас.
5. Эта мысль проходит красной нитью через всю пьесу.
6. Ее увлекла идея привлечь молодых поэтов на свои вечера.
7. В тот момент, когда тетушка Полли появилась на пороге дома. Том исчез за забором.
8. Я не люблю собирателей автографов, которые бегаю за знаменитостями только для того, чтобы похвастаться своей коллекцией.
9. "Малыш, а почему ты не побегаешь?" — спросила я. "Я не могу, — ответил он. — Я часовой".
10. Чтобы избежать встречи со старыми знакомыми и друзьями, Анна редко выходила в город за покупками.
11. Газеты сообщали, что в связи с сильным туманом произошло столкновение двух поездов.
12. Хотя некоторые театральные критики отрицательно отзывались о пьесе, она была поставлена в ряде театров.
13. Мне пришлось потратить много времени и энергии на эту работу, я чувствую себя очень утомленной.
14. Я думаю, что некоторые детали этой машины нуждаются в длительном испытании.
15. "Я запрещаю тебе общаться с ним, — сказала мать. - Я слышала, что одного из его знакомых арестовали за кражу".
16. Сколько сейчас времени? У меня остановились часы.