... ABOUT распространять (слухи и т.п.) to spread about (rumours, etc.). e.g. A conservative paper put about the idea that the country had lost a million pounds on the transaction.

... ASIDE копить (деньги) to save money, to put away. e.g. Every summer he worked hard to put aside enough money to continue his education.

... AWAY 1. убирать, ставить или класть на место to put into proper place, e.g. I put those papers away so carefully that I can't find them anywhere. 2. откладывать, копить (деньги) to save money, to put aside, e.g. By and by he managed to put away a nice sum of money.

... DOWN 1. записывать to write, to put on paper, e.g. Put that telephone number down before you forget it. 2. класть, ставить (на стол, пол и т.п.) to set or place down. e.g. He picked up the kettle and put it down at once because the handle burnt his hand. 3. подавлять (восстание, сопротивление) suppress by force and authority, to put an end to. e.g. The rebellion was severely put down. 4. унизить, сбить спесь to make humble, to lower in position, e.g. She looked a little put down. 5. высаживаться to make smb. get off from a vehicle, e.g. Will you put down this elderly lady at Trafalgar Square?

... DOWN TO относить, приписывать to attribute to smth. e.g. He put his failure down to lack of efficiency. The fever was put down to the bad weather.

... IN 1. проводить (электричество, газ и т.п.), устанавливать (телефон и т.п.) to place in, to install, e.g. Shortly gas will be put in every house. They’ve had a new boiler put in. 2. вставить (слово), сказать to insert a remark, to interpose, e.g. He had no opportunity to put in a word for his friend (i.e. to speak on his behalf). 3. проводить время (за каким-л. делом) to spend time on. e.g. He put in a whole week of work on that article. I can put in some time at the library while you're shopping.

... OFF 1. откладывать (дело, занятие, встречу) to postpone actions, appointment, e.g. We shall have to put off our outing until the weather improves. Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. 2. избегать, уклоняться от, отделываться to evade meeting smb., going somewhere, doing smth. with excuses, e.g. He tried to put me off with more promises. Whenever he tried to see them they put him off with excuses. Put off your doubts and keep at your work. 3. вызывать отвращение to cause disgust, e.g. The picture on the cover put me off.

... ON 1. надевать to clothe oneself with. e.g. Put your coat on; it's cold outside. 2. ставить (чайник, кастрюлю и т.п. на огонь), поставить диск для проигрывания to put smth. on the fire to boil, to place smth. e.g. I've bought a new CD. Will you put it on? Will you put the kettle on? 3. сажать кого-л. на поезд, автобус и т.д. to place smb. aboard the train. e.g. You needn't worry. I'll put you on the train and then phone them. 4. ставить (пьесу) to produce a play. e.g. A new play was put on at the Maly Theatre. 5. принимать (вид), напускать на себя to assume, to pretend to have an air, appearance, manner, etc. e.g. He put on an air of innocence, but it did not deceive us.

... OUT 1. гасить, выключать, тушить (свет, газ и т.п.) to extinguish, to cause to stop burning, to turn off. e.g. Don't forget to put the lights out before you go to bed. Those green branches will put the fire out. 2. мешать кому-л.; расстроить кого-л. to inconvenience smb., to disturb; to upset smb. e.g. I hope we are not putting you out by arriving so early. When I saw her that morning she seemed rattier put out by your letter.

... THROUGH (to) соединять (по телефону) to connect smb. with smb. on the telephone, e.g. We are trying to put you through. Put me through to the director.

... UP поднимать to raise a hand, a sail, etc. e.g. Those who have read the book put up your hands. They put up a sail and the boat soon distance. 2. строить, воздвигать (здание и т.п.) to build, to erect, e.g. They are putting up new houses as fast as they can. 3. выставлять, вывешивать (объявление и т.п.) to fix up a notice, sign, etc. for public view. e.g. They've put up a notice about the alterations in the time-table. 4. поднять (цены и т.п.) to raise price, rent, etc. e.g. They put up the rent from $30 to $35 a week. 5. (at, with) останавливаться; принимать, давать приют; ставить (машину в гараж) to stay for a time, to provide with food, lodgings or shelter, e.g. They decided to put up at the inn for the night. We hadn't a room to spare, so we put him up with the Browns. Will you put his car up in your garage for the night?

... UP WITH терпеть, мириться to stand, to endure, to tolerate smth. or smb. (insults, annoying persons, etc.) e.g. She found it difficult to put up with her noise neighbours.

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
PART 1. Insert the necessary postpositives:

1. I'll be under water half an hour. Then I'll come up and put a new film and go down for another ten minutes.
2. So Maria let him have his way as she thought she would put a word for Alphy.
3. She even put her fortune-telling friends from their weekly conclave.
4. "You're going home", he said firmly. "It's the best thing to do. I'll put you the bus".
5. When he put her in front of the big house, she really got frightened.
6. Indeed she put a smile of greeting, a distinctly sarcastic smile.
7. She remembered her father putting her mother's bonnet to make the children laugh.
8. Holly's in — if you could put a female relation, she'd show you round.
9. His coming tonight meant that a great deal of work had to be put but he was in no mood for work at all
10. Hackwork could be put .
11. She insisted on putting him at our apartment
12. What kind of witless trick was it to put a man's gaiters damp?
13. "She's been top for nearly six weeks, father", put Mary bravely.
14. She is impatient with the members of her panel and by no means inclined to put herself for their convenience.
15. He puts the CD again, and turned it off after a few lines.
16. And she could not understand that she put people .
17. I knew him as a man to be very much like myself. But he'd something I've had to put whilst I'm in office. Honour.
18. Try to put a telephone call and they stall you along for an hour and then tell you the circuits are busy for two hours.
19. They asked for the proposals to be put on paper, so that they might study them at leisure.
20. At first the outbreak of food poisoning was put to contaminated milk.
21. There weren't but three whole steps in the staircase and no handrail. I thought it best to have a few boards put .
22. But when I put call after call, late into the night, I became alarmed.
23. They all went into a room, and I wanted to follow, but this bloke came along and put this notice on the door.
24. Then I put coffee to boil and brought out my laundry bucket, which had been jouncing for two days.
25. Jennings looked a little put . He felt the impact of a personality stronger than his own, it subordinated him.
26. Look at me. Why am I rolling all about the shop? Because of the years I put on the sea.
27. Do you want me to put the lamp?
28. "You must know of what is happening in the country," he said at last putting the guitar.
29. Automation puts profits.
30. "You are not the only one that got injured," he said as if it was the worst thing that could happen, and that such attacks should be put .

PART 2. Insert the necessary phrasal verbs in the form of the bare infinitive:

1. Только на улице я вспомнил, что забыл погасить свет, и мне пришлось вернуться.
2. Вы только посадите меня на поезд и идите, а то вы можете опоздать на метро.
3. Не судите о ней по ее поведению сегодня. Оно было напускное.
4. Я думаю, что вам не следует откладывать разговора с ним.
5. Я заступился за тебя, но ты конечно виноват, и на этот раз ты легко не отделаешься.
6. На сей раз им не отделаться от меня обещаниями.
7. Надень пальто. Ты сильно кашляешь.
8. Его бессердечность отталкивает людей.
9. Моя сестра была очень расстроена, когда ей сказали, что ее доклад не отражает последних достижений в этой области.
10. " Соедините меня, пожалуйста, с директором", — сказал он, многозначительно посмотрев на меня. Меня это нисколько не смутило.
11. Жители городка с завистью смотрели на высокий забор с табличкой "Частная собственность", установленный вокруг самого красивого уголка в его окрестностях.
12. Друзья решили не сообщать больному неприятного известия, они боялись, что у него поднимется температура и ему станет хуже.
13. "Вы хотите, чтобы я вернулась только для того, чтобы подавать вам ваши ночные туфли и терпеть ваше настроение?" — проговорила Элиза.
14. Оказалось, что в гостинице невозможно было остановиться: в городе проходила областная конференция.
15. Джон решил откладывать деньги с тем, чтобы вовремя выплачивать взносы за машину.
16. На вашем месте я убрала бы все ненужные вещи. В кабинете слишком тесно.
17. Отложи рисунки в сторону, мы можем испачкать их.
18. Поставь сумку, я сама отнесу ее наверх.
19. Запишите фамилию этого автора, вы можете воспользоваться его работами при подготовке к экзамену.
20. Не беспокойтесь за мальчика, соседи по купе высадят его в Сочи, а мой брат встретит его на вокзале.
21. Вам нужно внимательно разобраться во всем этом. Во всяком случае не следует относить неуспех дела только за счет его небрежности.
22. Если бы вы поставили ванную и провели телефон, ваша квартира стала бы еще удобней.
23. Он распространяет эту версию для того, чтобы обелить себя.