... DOWN 1. опускать, спускать вниз to lower, to cause to be down. e.g. Let the blinds down, please. Della let down her beautiful fair hair. 2. подвести, покинуть в беде to deceive, to betray, to fail smb. at need. e.g. If you don't tell the truth, you will let me down badly.


... IN впускать to allow smb. to enter, to open the door to smb. e.g. If you are late I'll let you in.


... INTO посвящать в тайну to make acquainted with. e.g. If you promise to keep quiet I'll let you into the secret.


... OFF отпускать, прощать (что-л. несделанное) to allow to go free, to release smb. from an engagement or obligation, e.g. I'll let you off homework this evening. The ticket-collector let him off with a fine.


... ON выдавать секрет to reveal a secret, to let smb. know. e.g. If I tell you a secret, you won't let it on to anybody, will you? Do not let on about his arrival.


... OUT 1. делать шире, выпускать (об одежде) to make a garment wider, looser or longer, e.g. The coat is rather tight. Do you think you could let it oat for me? 2. выпускать, освобождать to allow to go, run, flow away or out. e.g. Let out the child. It's nice out-of-doors. Let the water out of the barn-tub.


Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
PART 1. Insert the necessary postpositives:

1. And he was ill at the time in his lodgings in Galway and wouldn't be let .
2. "I say, Uncle, you're not going to let those beastly papermen , are you?" said Val.
3. He let little Jacky , and the child burrowed up against him like a passionate rabbit.
4. Some friends of his gave evidence for him and he was let with a fine.
5. "If any lad gives enough (money)", the teacher said, "I dare say we shall be prepared to let him all penalties for the rest of the term".
6. He was everything I had in the world, but I couldn't let the party , could I?
7. He let a shout of joy.
8. Don't let that we saw them coming out of the shop.
9. I came here as a friend to put money in your pocket. No use in letting to me that you're above money.
10. Oh, Mr Sartorius, do you think I would let a word about your premises?

PART 2. Insert the necessary phrasal verbs in the form of the bare infinitive:

1. Не беспокойся. Он никому об этом не скажет и никогда тебя не подведет.
2. На этот раз я вас прощаю, но если это повторится, то вам не удастся отделаться так легко.
3. Она отошла в сторону, чтобы выпустить его.
4. Платье очень тесно в талии, вам придется выпустить его немного.
5. Я уверен, что его пропустят (выпустят). Все знают, что он потерял билет.
6. Вы можете положиться на него, он вас не подведет.
7. Опустите окно, в купе холодно.
8. Старый ювелир не посвящал никого в секреты своего ремесла. with a fine.