1."Where is Mary?" "She is the beds, I think".
2. Nine times six fifty-four.
3. A glass of burgundy would you good tonight.
4. We must get some new curtains .
5. They have him the Chairman of the Board.
6. Have you a lot of work today?
7. Has she that new chair he promised me?
8. They seem to be a lot of changes in their plans.
9. Try not to any noise for the next half hour.
10. No, we didn't feel like anything else, so we went home early.
11. It doesn't to interrupt him while he's concentrating.
12. Jennifer, this is typed very badly, I'm afraid you'll have to it again.
13. I can't think why you're so angry. I haven't anything wrong.
14. Under that very clever -up it was difficult to recognise Anthony Quinn.
15. I think I'll my homework now and get it finished with.
16. She's going to bed. She says she feels as bit up after so much walking.
17. This medicine tasted awful, I know, but it will you well again.
18. I think I could a bookcase out of these pieces of wood.
19. Whatever have you with my scissors, Jim?
20. Did you what I asked you to, Tom?
21. What are you such a fuss about, Peter?
22. I'm not all surprised that she doesn't want to go with you. She'll just have to be to, though.
23. Oh, look! You've spilled some soup and a mess of the carpet.
24. Here are the financial reports, Maurice. We do not want you to have the slightest suspicion that you are being out of your fair share of the company's profits.
25. I have to ask you to me a great favour, Jenny.

1. I don't know why he's not progress with his English.
2. Good students hate spelling mistakes.
3. She'll have her hair before she goes to the party.
4. Don't so much fuss over having to type the report again.
5. They fun of her because she couldn't pronounce the word correctly.
6. Could you please me a favor?
7. Those two companies don't like to business with each other.
8. It won't her any harm to stay up a little later.
9. They a great effort to get what they wanted.
10. To him justice, we must admit that his intentions were good.
11. After a few drinks, he often a scene in the bar.
12. Can you a reservation for me?
13. I'll the shopping and you pick up the wine.
14. If you don't the travel arrangements soon, it will be too late.
15. David doesn't much money.
16. I'll the housework later. Let's go to the beach now.
17. I'll the appointment for 2:00 in the afternoon.
18. I'll try not to any more errors.
19. Oh, dear! There is so much laundry to .
20. Will you the painting this week or next week?
21. Tom the dishes after dinner.
22. My mother the bed this morning.
23. Mary? She is the crossword in the studying room.
24. This girl often a great impression on most people in our company.
25. Do you know how to a cup of tea?

1. First she said yes, then she said no, but in the end she up her mind to marry him.
2. I like to keep fit, so I exercises every day.
3. I love Sundays! I can lie on the sofa all day and nothing.
4. Ssh! You mustn’t any noise. The baby’s asleep.
5. My teacher says I must work harder, but I can’t work any harder. I’m my best.
6. We asked to see the manager and we a complaint about the terrible service in the restaurant.
7. We have an agreement in our house. I cook dinner every evening and afterwards James the washing-up.
8. Could you me a favour, please? Could you give me a lift to the airport?
9. When I got married, my father stood up and a speech where he thanked everybody for coming and making the day so special.
10. We have some lovely new neighbours. We’ve already friends with them.
11. Is there a public call box near here? I have to a call.
12. Before you go on holiday you should sure that all the doors and windows are locked.

1. What do you for a living?
2. My husband the grocery shopping.
3. John badly on his English exam.
4. The children have a mess in the kitchen.
5. We are having guests tonight, so please your bed.
6. I only one mistake in my English test.
7. I have to ask you to me a favour.
8. Have you and your friend a decision yet?
9. Please excuse me while I am a telephone call.
10. Did you any arrangements for this evening?
11. Sarah all the gardening usually.
12. Could you a suggestion for the next meeting?
13. I will a cup of tea for us both.
14. I want to something.
15. What can we about it?
16. I will a birthday cake for John’s party.
17. This car was in France.
18. We our own yoghurt
19. My wife usually the housework on the weekend.

1. He an excellent job at the meeting last week.
2. May I a telephone call?
3. Please stop so much noise!
4. She her homework before she went to bed.
5. Would you like me to you a cup of juice?
6. I'm afraid you won't any good.
7. Look at your room! You've such a mess!
8. It took him a long time to a decision.
9. Do you mind the washing-up this evening?
10. We are plans for our next holiday at the moment.
11. What are you ? - Oh, I am not anything at the moment.
12. I guess I can an exception to the rule this time.
13. What shall we this evening?
14. I know you your best last week.
15. I wish you would an effort on this exam.
16. Labour the man.

1. If you want to buy a car, I’m sure we can a deal.
2. I an appointment to visit my doctor yesterday.
3. Excuse me, could you me a favor and watch my bags for a moment?
4. Timmy! I told you not to a mess in the living room!
5. I can’t come. I’m going to my homework after class today.
6. How much money does your father ?
7. Tom is a phone call at the moment. Would you like to leave a message?
8. He really doesn’t want to that decision.
9. I like business with Jack.
10. I usually the cleaning on Sunday morning.
11. Do you your bed every morning?
12. Sue cooks, but I the dishes.
13. John everything by hand. He’s amazing!
14. You don’t need to a face if you don’t like my cooking!
15. Clothes do not the man.
16. Please, yourself at home. It’ll only be a minute.