1. SOUL (n), SOIL (n, v), SOLE (n, adj)
That man has no .
He is the of honour.
Splashes of paint the wall. (PAST)
He is his father's support.
I don't know a here.
The had a heavy dressing of manure.
He was a businessman to the of his boots.

2. SHATTER (n, v), SHUTTER (n)
The vase has into splinters.
No chink of light came through the closed .
Three houses had their window glass ground into .

He wanted to shatter her . (PL)
Not even the most distant was made to it.

4. MODAL (adj), MODEL (n, v)
She for a living. (PRESENT)
He made each box on the of the first.
verbs describe the speaker’s attitude to the action.
He his behaviour on that of his father. (PAST)
I worked as a photographer's .

5. HAIR (n), HARE (n), HEIR (n)
The tortoise wins the race while the is sleeping.
The property demised to the .
The girls had their banged low over their foreheads.

6. CON`TENT (n, adj, v), `CONTENT(S) (n) CONTEX (n), `CONTEST (n), CON`TEST (v)
The lawyer the claim. (PAST)
He emptied his pockets of their .
He was to live in the shadow.
The bag had broken and emptied its along the road.
The sentence is translated without regard to the .
You will have to yourself with what you have.
To live in peace and .
He was barred from the .

7. LOGIC(AL) (n, adj), LOGICTIC(S) (n, adj)
There is no in spending money on useless things.
Her process is impeccable.
is the management of the flow of goods, information and other resources, including energy and people, between the point of origin and the point of consumption.
The word derives from Greek λογική (logike), fem. of λογικός (logikos), "possessed of reason, intellectual, dialectical, argumentative", from λόγος logos, "word, thought, idea, argument, account, reason, or principle".

8. DRAUGHT(=DRAFT) /drɑːft/ (n, v), DRAUGHTS /drɑːfts/ (n singular), DROUGHT (n)
He emptied the glass at a .
He is allergic to .
Daily and nightly .
The blessed rain followed a .
He is overage for the .
The must be free from errors or repugnances.
(British English) or checkers (American English) is a group of abstract strategy board games between two players which involve diagonal moves of uniform pieces and mandatory captures by jumping over the enemy's pieces.
Large numbers of cattle fell in the .

9. PARTY (n, adj), PUTTY (n, v)
My appearance at the was not very welcome.
He is in her hands.
A general bankruptcy of reputation in both .
The was a great disappointment.

10. VERY (a, adj), VARY (v)
Their language is becoming unintelligible to us.
He lives in this place.
Old people not like to their habits.
That's not a nice thing to say.

11. CAREER (n, v), CARRIER (n)
He aspired to a in medicine.
An aircraft is homing to its .
He made a switchover to teaching in mid-.
A catapult shoots planes from a .

12. CRUMP (n, v), CRAMP (n, v), CRUMB (n, v)
He finished the meal to the last .
A pap of bread- and milk.
I’m a little too to know them words.
All these things his progress.
Muscle generally result from over exertion and dehydration.

13. CATTLE (n), KETTLE (n)
Large numbers of fell in the drought.
Salt encrusted on the bottom of the .
Don't fill the too full: it'll run over.
The land will feed a thousand head of .

Fantasies swam in and out of his .
If anything was imprinted on her that night, it would be the twinkling silver lights.
Then he fell himself carried into the hospital and he lost .
He has regained after four days in a coma.
He was of his limited achievements.
Most large families expand unintentionally, without planning.
parents sometimes worry so much about jealousy.
He is a very minister.
When I was allowed to go into the surgery he was but too weak to move.
The patient was fully during the operation.
She was of her age and full of doubt about her worth.

15. CEDE (v), SEED (n, v)
They some of their rights. (PAST)
The never came up.
This field is with barley.
This is the share in reinsurance.

He had to recognize the truth of Eva's criticism that he wasn't man enough.
Не gave thought to these two questions.
The landscape has undergone transformations.
These recordings are in sequence and .
After days of rain in the area the Telle River was in flood.
The Kirks spent the summer in a stale of excitement.
When standing you sway slightly forwards and backwards although you are unaware of it.
Nino Valenti's face was handsome though bloated by drinking.
The management refused to deal with him because of his disruptive activities.
police pressures were brought to bear against Card to get him to withdraw his statement.
Her demands on me were affecting my work.
It was sad to see her the victim of pain.
The world that people thought to be stable was instead undergoing dynamic change.
This would keep society in a condition of change.

17. COLON (n), COLUMN (n), COLONEL (n), COLOGNE (n)
A general comes before a .
The is the last portion of the digestive system in most vertebrates.
The whole building bears on these .
Use a [ : ] before a list or an explanation that is preceded by a clause that can stand by itself.
This always has a humorous angle.
lies on the River Rhine.

18. INTENT (n, adj), INTEND (v)
He is on doing his best.
What do you by your words?
This remark is for you.
He's done this with .

19.HILL (n), HEEL (n), HEAL (v)
the house was built against a .
I have no faith in the virtue of herbs to sickness.
I saw him coming up the .
An "Achilles' " means a person's principal weakness.
Don't let flies stick to your .
Her sharp left points in the carpet.
Old wounds have kindly.

20. TANDEM (n, adj, adv), TENDON (n)
They drove .
You should have harnessed the two horses in .
of Achilles.
A is a tough band of fibrous connective tissue that usually connects muscle to bone.

21. RUPTURE (n, v), RAPTURE (n, v)
A place that strangers fell into with. (pl.)
A is not preferable to a patchwork peace. — Худой мир лучше доброй ссоры.
Each type of tendon has its own signs and symptoms.
The of the Church will kick-off the tribulation.

22. ADOPT(ED) (v), ADAPT(ED) (v)
These tractors have been .
Some firms a take-it-or-leave-it attitude towards their customers.
A true son and an one.
A play for the radio.

23. PACK (n, v), PUCK (n), PECK (n, v)
Birds at the grapes. (PAST)
the peaches carefully so that they don't bruise.
Really great prices on ice hockey . (pl.)
He likes hunting on horseback with a of hounds.
The was served at once.
is a mythological fairy or mischievous nature sprite.
People were up like sardines.
She merely at the partridge. (PAST)

24.PUDDLE (n, v), PADDLE (n, v)
Bomb craters pockmarked surrounding rice . (pl.)
Frost hardened the water of the into ice. (pl.)
up that hole in the wall.
Ducks in the pond. (PAST)

25. WORTH (n, adj), WORSE (n, adj)
Give me a shilling's of stamps.
He is not any the for it.
It is not mentioning.
Bad as it is, it could be .